This article is about the Nostalgia Critic review of the 1998 film. For the Bum Review of the 2014 film, see Godzilla (BR).

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November 26th, 2008
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NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. Remember in 1994 when Stargate came out?

(Footage of said movie is shown, as NC speaks, the theme to Stargate SG-1 plays)

NC (voiceover): For those who don't, the build-up was incredible. All they showed was this magical gate that could teleport people to somewhere else. Where did they go? What did they find when they got there? You had to go see the movie to find out.

NC: Wow, I wonder what it could be? This is gonna keep me awake all night. I--I'm gonna see the movie right now just to find out! (leaves eagerly)

Placecard: One Screening Later...

NC: (angry) Holy crap, was that stupid! So what? Aliens invented the pyramids? Are you nuts?! Yeah, all those Egyptian morons with their brilliant, groundbreaking designs; they had nothing to do with it. It was just aliens!

(We are shown a still shot of Ra from the film, played by Jaye Davidson)

NC (voiceover): And the ruler of the known universe is that chick with the dick from The Crying Game?!

NC: Blow me! It's the last time I ever watch a movie by these jokers again! (beat) Say, you remember in 1996 when Independence Day came out?

(Footage of said movie is shown)

NC (voiceover): It was done by the same idiots who did Stargate, (Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin) but look. All it showed in the advertising was the White House getting blown up. That's it. Nothing else.

NC: Whoa, how the hell does that happen? This movie must be good! I mean, sure they messed up with Stargate, but maybe this'll be a good one. Besides, I just gotta know how the White House blows up. I'm gonna go check it out right now! (leaves eagerly)

Placecard: One Screening Later...

NC: (angry again) SON OF A BITCH! THIS MOVIE'S EVEN WORSE THAN THE LAST ONE! So what? The President of the United States gets in a jet to fight off aliens? Are you high?! God, that's it. I'm done. I am never watching another movie by these morons ever again! (beat) Ever!

(The trailer to the 1998 American remake of Godzilla movie starts up, beginning with a man fishing over a dock in the rain. The title card reads "FROM THE CREATORS OF INDEPENDENCE DAY")

NC: Nope, nope. Not interested. Nope.

Fisherman: (in the trailer) I got a bite! (laughs with glee)

NC: No, no, I don't care, I don't care.

(In the trailer, the fishing pole gets torn out of the fisherman's hand, and a huge bulge in the water appears. NC--and the other fishermen--looks on intently. The bulge moves toward the dock, flanked by something sticking out of the water on both sides, and ends up pushing through the fisherman's dock as he runs away. The trailer ends as the other fishermen look through a chain link fence at Godzilla's huge eye, and the title of the movie comes onscreen)

NC: (beat) GODDAMN IT! Curse my hunger for wanton destruction!

(Footage from Godzilla is shown)

NC (voiceover): All right, so even though the filmmakers made two horrible movies before, Godzilla hooked us all in with its clever advertising. How? Because they never showed the monster. You had to see the movie in order to see the monster. So advertisers thought up the brilliant strategy of describing the monster for us, like vehicles that said "His foot is as long as this bus." Or billboards that said "His head is as big as this sign." It was downright genius.

NC: All right, guys. So you suckered us in yet again. But please, please... can you TRY and give us a good movie this time? I mean, it's Godzilla! It can't be that difficult to make something that's just so unentertaining--

Placecard: One Screening Later...

NC: (enraged) OH, YOU SHITKNOCKERS! YOU DID IT! YOU ACTUALLY DID IT! You made Godzilla even less credible than it already was! Somebody get these douchebags an award for sucking... ASS!!

NC (voiceover): So if I had to sit through this pile of dino droppings, I figure you ought to share the pain with me. (The movie begins) The film starts out with, oddly enough, a monster attacking the Japanese. Haven't seen that before.

(As a man in a submarine spots a disturbance on a radar, he yells in Japanese)

Captain: 船を放棄する!船を放棄する!(Abandon ship! Abandon ship!)

Subtitle: Shitty movie off the port bow!

(People run out of the submarine, shouting in Japanese)

Subtitle: Shitty movie! Shitty movie!

NC (voiceover): After that scene, we get our next horrible disaster: Matthew Broderick. He plays our main character called Niko Titopolous.

Nick: It's Tatopoulos!

NC (voiceover): Whatever. He plays as a nerdy white guy who wears glasses and is socially weird.

NC: Gee, that sounds like the nerdy white guy who wears glasses and is socially awkward from Stargate! (Dr. Daniel Jackson, played by James Spader) Or the nerdy white guy who wears glasses and is socially awkward from Independence Day. (David Levinson, played by Jeff Goldblum) But don't you worry; this character is far, far different. He is much more annoying than any of those other guys.

NC (voiceover): So the job of Mr. Metropolis--

Nick: It's Tatopoulos!

NC (voiceover): Whatever. --is to study earthworms and how they grow over a certain period of time. This leads to him getting the clever nickname of "The Worm Guy."

NC: Matthew Broderick plays a wormy person? Finally, some ideal casting!

NC (voiceover): So the military comes to take him to a piece of land in Panama, where they want him to analyze something a LITTLE bigger than an earthworm.

General: Here's your sample. Study it.

Nick: What sample?

General: You're standing in it.

(The camera pans out and shows Nick standing in one of Godzilla's footprints)

NC: They want him to analyze the footprint of a giant chicken? (giant chicken statue)

NC (voiceover): Though giant poultry is NOT on his list of study specimens, good old Testosterone--

Nick: It's Tatopoulos!

NC (voiceover): Whatever. --agrees to study whatever made that hole in the ground. Meanwhile, in Tahiti, that French guy from The Professional (Philippe Roaché, played by Jean Renointerviews one of the survivors of the monstrous shipwreck.

(Roaché pulls out a lighter and shows it to the survivor)

NC: (as the survivor) Whoa. A lighter. I've seen giant radioactive lizards the size of a kingdom, but a lighter? That gets my attention.

Roaché: What did you see, old man?

NC: (confused) Okay, apparently fire translates English into Japanese. But I digress.

Roaché: What did you see, old man? 

Survivor: ゴジラ。ゴジラ。ゴジラ。 (Gojira. Gojira. Gojira.)

NC: This seems threatening at first, but take a look at what Godzilla actually translates out to.

(The scene is replayed)

Subtitle: Nice lighter. Nice lighter!!!

NC (voiceover): Next, we cut to New York City, where a woman named Audrey wants to try and get a reporting job from an anchor she's working for, played by Harry Shearer.

Audrey Timmonds (Maria Pitillo): He's gonna consider me for the job? What else did he say?

Caiman (Shearer): Why don't we talk about it over dinner tonight? Your place.

Audrey: Mr. Caiman, you're married.

Caiman: Yes, and you're very beautiful. Have I ever told you that before?

NC (voiceover): Wow, subtle. Do you think he tries that on every woman he meets?

NC: (as Caiman) Hi, I'm Charles. My hobbies are marriage, cheating, and having sexual intercourse with you. You wanna have dinner?

NC (voiceover): And then we cut to ANOTHER location in Jamaica...

NC: Jesus, how many locations are there? It's like they're kicked out of every country that they tried to film in.

NC (voiceover): ...where it turns out that Bowser (Godzilla) is still on the loose, as it turns out he attacked yet another ship. And much like this movie, it was dragged under. So what could this giant perversion of nature possibly be?

Nick: This animal is much too big to be some kind of lost dinosaur. A hybrid, caused by the fallout on these islands.

Woman: Uh-huh. Like your earthworms?

Nick: Yes, yes. I believe that this is a mutated aberration.

NC: (as Nick) Just like my career. (beat) I'm acting.

NC (voiceover): Next, we cut to Audrey's friends, played by a very annoying *Vicki Lewis and an even more annoying Hank Azaria.

*This a mistake made by the Critic. The actress in the scene is Arabella Field. Vicki Lewis plays the red-headed female scientist seen throughout the film, Dr. Elsie Chapman.

Lucy Palotti (Field): I'm telling you, he is dirt! He's a douchebag, gutter slime, dog crap, puke chunk.

Victor "Animal" Palotti (Azaria): (disgusted) Hey, hey. I'm eating. You don't see I'm eating?

NC: (as Animal, in a bad New York accent) Come on, I'm tryin' to be all New York here. Badda-bing-boom-bam, and Jets and stuff.

NC (voiceover): She's (Audrey) suddenly distracted when she sees Mr. Tapdancelous--

Nick: It's Tatopoulos!

NC (voiceover): Whatever. --on the TV screen.

(Audrey makes googly eyes at the screen. NC mocks her)

NC (voiceover): While that's going on, we see the mayor of New York and his aide appeasing the city. Tell me if these two look familiar at all.

Gene (mayor's aide) (Lorry Goldman): Mayor Ebert!

Mayor Ebert (Michael Lerner): (gives two thumbs up in an allusion to famed movie critic Roger Ebert) Thank you!

NC (voiceover): Oh, they're spoofing Siskel and Ebert. I see. Apparently, Mayor Ebert is an anger-obsessed screamer who spends most of his time eating candy, while his aide Gene is a slimy little yes-man who blindly agrees with everything he says.

NC: Take that, Siskel and Ebert! How dare you have an opinion!

(Images of Siskel and Ebert)

NC (voiceover): But, I don't get it. Why are they making fun of these two in the first place? They're like America's most-loved critics. (The title cards for Stargate and Independence Day are shown) Oh, maybe it's because they never gave thumbs up to any of your movies. Well, maybe if you got your thumbs out of your asses and started producing good films, we'd agree with you. But, dude, they don't even take advantage of this. Even Gene Siskel, the critic they were satirizing, asked the question: (A picture of Siskel is shown, followed onscreen by...) "If you're going to go through the trouble of putting us in a monster movie, why don't you at least take the advantage of having the monster either eat or squash us?"

NC: Hey, that's a good point. Here's your shot to really get back at these critics who hated all your films--in a monster movie, no less--and you don't even have the monster kill them or rip them to shreds? That's really bad when you're getting criticized by the critic you're criticizing because you didn't criticize them enough. (beat) Try saying that three times fast!

NC (voiceover): But the director's not the only one preying on the innocent. Godzilla finally arrives, showing his face in New York and running a-prehistoric-mok. (As a scared bystander) Look out! It's Cloverfield, and it's eight years early!* (Normal) So he romps and stomps, and even goes past a news station where voice actress Nancy Cartwright sees him walk by.

  • Cloverfield wasn't made eight years after Godzilla (1998), it was actually made 10 years after Godzilla, in 2008.

Secretary: (Cartwright) I think your story just walked by the window.

NC: Okay, wait a minute. Nancy Cartwright, Harry Shearer, [and] Hank Azaria? Is this just a Simpsons reunion?

NC (voiceover): What's next? The cast of Scooby-Doo is gonna show up?

(The Mystery Machine is superimposed over a New York street)

NC: (as Shaggy): Like, zoinks, Scoob, look out! It's Godzilla! 

(Godzilla steps on the Mystery Machine)

NC: (as Scooby): Holy shit! (as Shaggy) Like, you said it, Scoob!

NC (voiceover): So he roars and screams and tears up good chunks of the city. And then, out of nowhere, he suddenly disappears.

Soldier: After its initial attack, he, uh...disappeared.

NC: He suddenly disappears? How can you lose track of a 20-story-high dinosaur?!

Nick: It's perfect. An island, water on all sides, and like no other island in the world. This is a place where he can easily hide.

NC: (unimpressed) A city of eight million people is a good place to HIDE?! This isn't like The Bourne Identity, where he can just blend in to his surroundings.

NC (voiceover): My guess is that a giant prehistoric lizard is probably gonna stand out.

(Godzilla, wearing sunglasses and a trenchcoat, is superimposed over a busy New York street)

NC (voiceover): So they look over the damage that the amazing, disappearing Godzilla left behind.

Caiman: In what city officials are describing as the WORST act of destruction since the World Trade Center bombing.

NC: (uncomfortable) Uh, yeah. The, uh, World Trade Center bombing. I'm sure that's the ONLY huge disaster that New York will ever... um... All right, I'm bailing out on this one.

(He pulls an unseen lever and an alarm goes off, with "Joke Aborted" appearing over Caiman's face)

NC (voiceover): We see that Godzilla has left a long line of destruction, even caved his way through the MetLife building. Ha-ha, that's funny. But, wait, really look at this. How is it possible that that thing is still standing?

NC: New York architecture isn't just one of those big paper things that you rip through at the beginning of a football game. It's a little more complicated than that.

NC (voiceover): So while the city is being evacuated, our heroes try to think of a way to lure the monster out so they can get a good shot at it. They then come up with a brilliant idea: Fish! Of course, giant piles of fish. Because as we all know, lizards do NOT EAT FISH*! THEY EAT BUGS! What are you, crazy?!

  • (Actually, some forms of lizards do eat fish. That is corrected in the first Top 11 Fuck-Ups video)

NC: You'd be better off putting a giant ant farm in the middle of the city, you retards!

(An image of what is described is shown)

NC (voiceover): So our brilliant and obviously un-lizard-prone hero looks over this amazing sight.

Nick: That's a lot of fish.

(The soldier he's talking to simply looks at him)

NC: (confused) What?

Nick: That's a lot of fish.

NC: That's a lot of fish. (He sits back, thinking about what was said) I don't get it. "That's a lot of fish." So? I mean, is that meant to be funny? They left a pause at the end for the audience to laugh. I mean, but... what's the joke? I could've just as easily said, "That's a hat. That's a wall. That's a lot of fish." I mean, how is that funny? You could've said a lot things there like...

(The scene is replayed with speech bubbles superimposed over Nick)

NC: (as Nick) I got a fishy feeling about this!

NC: Or...

NC: (as Nick) It's like shooting fish in a barrel out here!

NC: I mean, it wouldn't have been funny. But at least they would have been actual jokes! "That's a lot of fish." You could spend YEARS trying to figure out why the hell that's supposed to be funny and not get anywhere! "That's a lot of fish." Look, you could literally just And that at least would've been a little bit funnier.

NC (voiceover): He looks over the amazing sight, turns to the other guy, and says... (with accompanying speech bubble) Poppity pop pop pop!

NC: And that actually would've gotten a little bit of a laugh. Just NONSENSE off the top of my head is funnier than these guys trying to willingly produce written humor. THIIINK!

NC (voiceover): So, after Mr. Tinmanopoulos--

Nick: It's Tatopoulos!

NC (voiceover): Whatever. --makes his brilliant remark, guess who comes to dinner?

(Nick hears a noise and is wide-eyed)

NC: (camera slowly zooms in on his face) A-doiii...

(The ground cracks as Godzilla begins to emerge)

NC: Wow, I guess Bugs Bunny is lost again.

Bugs Bunny: (voiceover) I knew I should've taken that left toin (turn) at Albuquoikue (Albuquerque).

(Godzilla is shown, his whole body and face revealed for the first time in the movie)

NC (voiceover): No, it's the poorly computer-generated Godzilla, in all his unconvincing pixelization!

(Nick takes a picture of Godzilla on his camera)

NC (voiceover): (as Godzilla) Did you get my good side?

(Godzilla leans down and sniffs Nick)

NC: Please say he eats Broderick.

NC (voiceover): No, not today. Apparently, someone also forgot to tell Godzilla that lizards don't eat fish, because he takes the bait literally hook, line and sinker. But the military attack, which means, of course, more stomping and running around the city.

(Nick gets knocked to the ground, and a statue of John Adams gets knocked over, looking as though it will fall on Nick)

NC: Kill him, John Adams! Do our country proud!

(The statue instead falls inches from Nick)

NC: Woe to the Union!

John Adams: (from the HBO miniseries starring Paul Giamatti) I was so pitifully embarrassed.

NC (voiceover): Look, he's (Godzilla) even breathing fire. Just like a real lizard would do! Look at this scene. It's practically ripping off every single flying scene ever done in motion picture history.

(Helicopters chase down Godzilla, intercut with scenes similar to this, from films like Star Wars, True Lies and Batman)

Helicopter pilot: Echo 4, armed.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (from Star Wars): Use the Force, Luke.

Soldier: Locked on, sir.

Harry Tasker (from True Lies): Unit 1 to Unit 7. Give me a situation report.

Helicopter pilot: He's colder than the buildings around. The heat-seekers can't lock, sir.

Y-Wing Commander (from Star Wars): Stay on target!

NC (voiceover): But it turns out the military REALLY sucks at their job, because they actually turn out to destroy more of the city than the monster does. Seriously, I don't get how they can't shoot this thing. I mean, is he really that hard to miss*? (NOTE: The use of "miss" instead of "hit" occurs in the review.) I especially love this scene where the monster actually manages to fake them out. Dude, this isn't a game of tag. Just use any of your basic five senses to find him!

(A helicopter is destroyed by Godzilla)

Nelson Muntz: (from The Simpsons) (audio) Ha-ha!

NC (voiceover): After he starts dry-humping a building, Godzilla manages to--I'm not kidding--disappear again.

NC: What is wrong with these idiots?! Are they just looking at their shoelaces when he's around? I mean, WAKE UP!

Soldier: We did nothin' to him.

Nick: Oh, that's not true. We fed him.

NC: (laughing sarcastically) Several good soldiers just lost their lives. Dick.

NC (voiceover): So after that, we see Audrey, as she comes across Mr. Tackanovahumpashirerickydickyhamstermasterpollywollywannabingbangsupercalifragilisticnickknackpaddywhackgiveadogabananafannafofrescahickorydickoryhocketypocketywocketywackangelinafrancescathethird.

Nick: It's Tatopoulos!

NC (voiceover): Whatever. As they decide to catch up on old times.

Audrey: You're still mad at me?

Nick: Well, you left without a phone call, a letter, nothing, all this time... yeah, yeah, I guess I am still a little mad.

Audrey: That was eight years ago. Some people change.

Nick: Most people don't.

NC: Um...I'm sorry, but, uh, you ARE aware that there was just A GIANT RADIOACTIVE MONSTER ROAMING THROUGH THE CITY, RIGHT?!

Nick: Eight years is a long time. Can I make you a cup of tea?

Audrey: Sure, that'd be nice.

NC: (as Nick) By the way, did ya see all that fish? (beat) There was a lot of it!

NC (voiceover): She stares over as apparently her ex-boyfriend keeps a lot of pictures of her lying around. Most women would find this creepy, but the script's out-of-touch reality suggests that she finds it charming. So charming that she steals a videotape of top secret information from him so she can post it all over the news.

NC: Wow, what a whore.

NC (voiceover): Meanwhile, as helicopters continue to search for plot, Broderick comes across a stunning realization. Godzilla is pregnant? How can that be? Males can't lay eggs.

Nick: Not if he reproduces asexually.

NC: Wow, how dramatically convenient.

Nick: The blood that I collected revealed that the creature is either about to lay eggs...or already has.

NC: (as Nick) Gentlemen, we could have sequels. Horrible, horrible sequels!

Nick: These eggs are gonna hatch very quickly.

Scientist: How could you possibly know that?

Nick: The fish. The fish that we found on the subway. He's not collecting all this food just for himself.

NC: (as Nick) And I don't think I need to remind you gentlemen that that was, in fact, a lot of fish.

NC (voiceover): But the army doesn't listen to Broderick's pleas as they discover that he accidentally leaked information to the news and is booted off the assignment. Audrey tries to apologize for being a bitch.

Audrey: It was a terrible thing to do. I never should've done that.

Nick: Good luck with your new career. I really think you have what it takes!

NC (voiceover; mimicking Nick): I thought we had something, I thought we had fish! (normal) But Jean Reno pops up as it turns out that he's part of a secret French organization, as they set out to stop Godzilla because they care about the Americans.

NC: Can you believe us to expect such a thing? I mean, not the giant radioactive lizard, the French trying to help Americans! Puh! Ridiculous.

NC (voiceover): Because the fish plan worked SO well the first time, the military plans to do it again, only this time, they're luring the monster out into Central Park, because as we all know, no one can survive Central Park in the middle of the night. Godzilla comes out for the 11TH RAINY DAY IN A ROW and again falls for the bait.

(Godzilla looks closely at the second fish trap, noticing the military nearby)

NC (voiceover; as Godzilla): All right, I'm just going for the fish. We cool? We cool? (The military fires at Godzilla) Oh, you cocktease!

(Again, the military miss Godzilla as he runs away)

NC (voiceover; normal): With some more explosions and obnoxious kabooms, Godzilla runs through the city yet again. (as Godzilla) I'm starting to think you don't like me very much.

(Godzilla dives into the Hudson River)

NC: Oh, good, he jumped into the Hudson River. He'll be dead in a matter of seconds!

NC (voiceover): But the Green October is standing by to zap this rap-scale-ion back to kingdom come.

(The torpedoes hit Godzilla)

Submarine commander: Direct hit!

(Godzilla's body sinks into the sea)

NC (voiceover; as Godzilla): I just wanted to be on Broadway. (normal) You'd think that'd be the end, but nope. Our heroes drive into the demolished subway to find the next of eggs that Broderick was talking about. But wait, how are the French gonna pass by as Americans?

Guard: Who you boys with?

Nick: Uh, we're with the 3-2, sir.

Guard: I didn't ask you, soldier. (to Roaché) You got a problem talkin'?

Roaché: (in Elvis Presley voice) Why, no, sir, I'm fine.

Guard: All right. Keep it moving.

Roaché: Thank you very much. (normal accent, to Nick) Elvis Presley movies. He was the king.

NC: Eh, it could be worse. He could've done his Jerry Lewis impression.

NC: (as Roaché, with a Jerry Lewis impersonation): I just wanted to ride on the underground choo-choo with the wheels and the sparks and the LADY! (normal) So they come across a destroyed Madison Square Garden where they make their discovery. (as Nick) Quiet, I think I hear fish! (Normal) Faster than you can say "green eggs and ham," our heroes come across a nest of Cadbury eggs from Hell. But the eggs start to hatch, and rather than just shoot the damn things, the French do what they're best known for: give up and scram.

NC: And this is the part of the movie I like to call, "Guess what part of Jurassic Park they're stealing from".

(We are shown a montage of Jurassic Park scenes played against Godzilla ones, illustrating the rip-offs, set to oldies rock. The categories include "Shadow Scene", "Jump Attack Scene", "Door Opening Scene", and "Obnoxious Acting". In the case of "Obnoxious Acting", shots of Ian Malcolm and Nick are shown)

NC (voiceover): It seems that behind every door, there seems to be a blockade of monsters. Broderick should know; he checks all of them. (one of them having Bugs Bunny behind it)

(Nick throws a gumball machine in front of the lizards)

NC: (voiceover) Once again, the mystical gumballs of doom seem to give the monsters the slip, as they get out of the building just before the military blows it to smithereens. So THIS should be the end of the movie, right? No, because Godzilla actually resurrects himself back to life.

Subtitle: Truly, he is the son of GODzilla.

NC (voiceover): So this leads to yet another chase scene where our heroes race across the city in a taxi. "Turn the meter off, turn the meter off!" You know, they outwit this thing just a few too many times. He breathes fire at them, they just turn around. He corners them in a tunnel, they just turn on their headlights. They get trapped inside his mouth...

NC: Hey, got a quarter?

(NC makes the scene to look like Godzilla hacks the taxi out of his mouth. NOTE: Nick actually electrocutes the inside of Godzilla's mouth with live wires, causing him to spit out the taxi)

NC (voiceover; as Nick): I know this is probably a bad time to mention this, but do you guys remember all that fish? Wasn't that something? (normal) So he (Godzilla) gets tangled up in the Brooklyn Bridge as the military throw everything they've got at him.

Soldier: Direct hit, but the target is still moving, sir.

General: Well, circle around and fire again!

NC: Just blow shit up! It's all we know how to do! (The planes again hit Godzilla with their missiles) Geez, what the hell else can they throw at the damn thing? (As the general) Use the anvil! (A Photoshopped anvil falls on Godzilla's head) Use the ocean liner! (same with the ocean liner) That's it, bring in the sink, boys! (as well as the kitchen sink)

NC (voiceover): After the creature FINALLY goes down, we get that lame scene where I guess you're supposed to actually feel sorry for it. (Brief pause) I've had more emotions for my toilet brush.

(Nick stares at the dead Godzilla)

NC: What have we become?

(A crowd cheers in victory)

NC: Eh, I guess we'll never find out. Hooray!

NC (voiceover): So Audrey and Tittease get together, Gene gives Ebert a "vulgar" thumbs down, and even our French friend manages to say au revoir.

Roaché: Thank you for your help, my friend.

NC: (voiceover; as Roaché) Maybe one day, I, too, can be fascinated by fish. (normal) And they all live happily ever after.

(NC is shown in a dramatic close-up)


(In the burning ruins of the Madison Square Garden, a Godzilla baby hatches)

NC: I don't think so.

(He gets out his gun and shoots the screen, going to end credits)

NC (voiceover): In my world, this movie is over.

NC: Why? Because this movie bombed big time*, finally bringing down that reign of special effects disaster movies that were, in and of themselves, disaster movies.

  • (Actually, contrary to what NC said, the movie turned out to be a big hit, grossing $371 million worldwide over a $130 million budget)

NC (voiceover): True, the same director tried to lure us back with shitty movies like The Day After Tomorrow and 10,000 BC, but audiences are finally learning their lesson about avoiding this group's crap. And if by chance you think that their latest disaster movie, 2012, might finally be that one good disaster film you think they might make...

NC: Just remember--

Tom: (from Tom and Jerry's "Mouse Trouble"; in deep voice) Don't you believe it!

NC: God, I love that cartoon. I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to.


Nick: That's a lot of fish.

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