Geek Fight is the name of a card game created by Kalan Vazquez and started as a way to promote his now defunct game review blog. Originally, he wanted to make a business card that was part of a small card game and it snowballed shortly thereafter.


After seeing the initial back and forth The Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic were doing, Vazquez decided that he would like to work with them. Soon, he contacted Cinenassacre to see if he could make cards based off of the Nerd. As luck had it, James' sales director was a Magic the Gathering fanatic. He talked James into making the cards, and he decided to see if Doug would be interested in making some cards. We got everything finalized right before the first Final Battle vid on went public.

Game Specifics

Each starter set comes with a complete rule sheet for the 20 card deck version, though there are other variants. Artists for the cards were all drafted from the poster contest held by James and Doug for the first fight video. You can find the artists along with the cards they drew at these places:

The Future

According to Kalan, he has plans to release cards based on the other members of the Channel Awesome family. Vazques has gone on record and said, "We have been planning to work with the other members since before we knew about the big brawl. Once things calm down with the current release we will begin work on mini sets with the other members, as well as our own larger set."

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