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GYMDK is a review show, hosted, written and directed by Benzaie and his little pal, Beary. The goal is to give a quick, funny and wacky (but still informative) introduction to a game most people might not know about. Rumors are that the title is broken because Benzaie can't speak proper English, however, that is not the case.

GYMDK: The Games That You Might Don't Know But That Are Still Pretty Damn Sweet! Sweet

The videos are mostly around 5 minutes long and are always fast paced. Benzaie always puts on costumes for the show, trying to be relevant to the game he reviews, but the $0 budget only allows him to get ridiculously cheap outfits (the Kabuki Quantum Fighter Costume is made out of his grandma's pillow cases). The show always starts with a short theme song (differs since Season 2) and ends with a preview of the next game to be reviewed. The episodes also feature quick recurring segments that form their own sort of series like "ALMOST UNALTERED MEMORIES", "2 WORDS" or "Laughing at a French Guy's Accent".

Benzaie spoofs That Dude In The Suede in his "Wiz N' Liz" review.


The show first appeared on the blog section early on the site, and was one of the first picks by Mike Michaud to become a full feature of the site. This was the first show Benzaie came up with. It was mostly inspired by the Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic shows. The first episode "METAMORPHIC FORCE" appeared on YouTube by the end of June and by the time he got featured on TGWTG, Benzaie already had released 7 reviews.

The first to air officially on TGWTG as a real feature was the POWER SLAVE review.

After episode 11, , Benzaie moved to UK in the 6th of September, marking the end of the first season. Considering the change of background, Benzaie thought it would be better to also change the feel of the show a little bit, with a new theme song to begin with, done by TGWTG user LITE. The theme then changed to one by Julian Diaz, starting with the review of Rick Dangerous. He also uses an "8-bit version" of the Julien Diaz theme created by Michael "Skitch" Schiciano.


Episode Number Name Date Released
1 Power Slave July 30th, 2008
2 Toki August 1st, 2008
3 Hunter August 06, 2008
4 Solstice August 06, 2008
5 Arcade August 06, 2008
6 Kabuki Quantum Fighter August 14, 2008
7 Magical Drop 3 August 27, 2009
8 for the NEO GEO September 10, 2008
9 Power Rangers for the Game Gear October 02, 2008
10 Wiz N' Liz October 31, 2008
11 Hokuto No Ken December 14, 2008
12 Wind and Water Puzzle Battles January 06, 2009
13 Moktar January 29, 2009
14 Jim Power February 19, 2009
15 Three Wonders April 11, 2009
16 Rick Dangerous June 22nd, 2009
17 Metamorphic Force (His first GMYDK. It was later put in the archive.) July 10th, 2009 (On the site.)
18 IK+ August 30th, 2009
19 Robocop 3 October 18th, 2009
20 Dragon Ball (NES) - Lost Tape December 13th, 2009
21 French Indies January 17, 2010
22 Special Rap Review May 9th, 2010
23 Episodes 1-7 (Commentary) August 15th, 2010
24 Beverly Hills Cop November 21st, 2010
25 Best 8-Bit VS Fighters May 14th, 2011
26 Episodes 12-17 (Commentary) July 2nd, 2011
27 Sonic Pocket Adventures July 9th, 2011
28 Forgotten TRON Game November 16th, 2011

For the special February 2009 donation drive, Benzaie released a special episode reviewing Jim Power.



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