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Future Shock #1

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August 13, 2012
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A shocking tale about the future! ...Yeah, not really.

(Holokara looks through a virtual reality viewer)

Holokara: Huh, so virtual reality is like regular reality, but at a lower quality and a crappier frame rate. (scoffs, removes viewer to see he's on camera) Oh! Hello, everybody, and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn.

(Cut to a shot of the cover of "Bimbos in Time")

Holokara (v/o): Today's comic, when it was donated, was described as "potentially the next 'Bimbos in Time'". I presume it's because "Bimbos in Time" is a movie tie-in that's an unfunny, badly-drawn, nonsensical sack of crap that lasted for forty pages of utter pain and irritation.

Holokara: Although, that's not the case here at all. Today's comic is a movie tie-in that's an unfunny, badly-drawn, nonsensical sack of crap that only lasts for twelve pages of utter pain and irritation.

(More shots of "Bimbos in Time" are shown)

Holokara (v/o): And to be fair, it's not intended to be funny. But here's the thing about "Bimbos in Time". The creator of it and the Bimbo movies by his own admission actually set out to create the worst comic ever. And it's only that it's so completely amateurish that I have to pass on it possessing that honor.

(Footage is shown of one of the Bimbos movies: Bimbos B.C.)

Holokara (v/o): Bimbos B.C. and the other Bimbos movies, which I have been informed do exist somewhere out there... Oh, yippee-skippee... aren't meant to be any great work of art and really not meant to be taken seriously, as frustrating as they are.

(The movie poster for Future Shock is shown)

Holokara (v/o): Here, though, we have the problem where the work was supposed to be taken seriously. In fairness, the movie that the comic is based on, Future Shock, is actually pretty good. So good, in fact, that I'm going to make an "a quick look at" to accompany this one to talk about the movie in greater detail, since we don't have a lot of time here.

(Footage of the movie is shown)

Holokara (v/o): It's kind of an anthology, with three different stories taking place, with one element connecting them, but I won't talk about it here. One of the movie's segments was written by and featured independent actress and writer Vivian Schilling. Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 can probably recognize another film that she helped create and star in...

(Cut to the MST3K gang watching said film, Soultaker, the title for which comes into view)

Crow T. Robot: (misreading title) Soup Taper? What?

Mike Nelson: Let it get a little closer.

(The title becomes clearer as it swoops closer)

Tom Servo: (imitating Don Cornelius) THE SOUUUUUUUUUUUUULTAKER!

Holokara (v/o): That's right, she was Natalie in Soultaker and also wrote its initial screenplay. And to be fair, Soultaker is one of the better films to be featured on MST3K. Hell, it even won a Saturn Award. It's not a good film, but considering some movies I've seen, it's frickin' Citizen Kane by comparison

Holokara: But we're not here to talk about Soultaker or any other movie. As such, let's dig into (holds up today's comic) "Future Shock #1".

(AT4W title theme plays, and the title card has "Fly Like an Eagle" by the Steve Miller Band playing in the background. Cut to a closeup of the comic's cover)

Holokara (v/o): Our cover has better artwork than what's in the actual story, which is always sad, buuut let's not get too excited about that, since this guy in the back looks more like a "Black Web" character than anything else. I admit, I like the logo: simple font, but creative, with the little energy arcs coming from the hole in the "O". Not bad. Natalie from Soultaker* is staring into a big glowing ball and looking extremely bored.

  • NOTE: Schilling's character is named Jenny Porter.

Jack: DON'T stare into that light... whatever you do!!!

(Cut to a clip of ???)

Eye: I see you...

(Cut back to the comic's cover)

Holokara (v/o): Meanwhile, this guy up front [Jack Porter] is rubbing his hands together like truly evil people do.

Dr. Langdon: FOOL!!! Soon SHE will be under MY control... JUST AS YOU ARE!!!

Holokara: (confused) If he's under your control, then why did you have him yell out to not stare into the light...? (shrugs)

Holokara (v/o): We open at Hellfire Laboratories... Really need to get the marketing people on the line with that name... in San Clemente, California, where a marble is balanced on top of a domino, which is then placed on top of another marble.

Holokara: Hey, don't ask me; I'm just telling you what I'm reading here.

Holokara (v/o): A man enters.

Man: He-He-Hello?

Doctor 1: Come in, Troy! Please, take a seat! Make yourself comfortable!

Troy: That looks like an electric chair!

Holokara (v/o): For the record, said electric chair is a normal wooden chair.

Doctor 2: What an idiot! There's no brain in that head to probe!

Holokara: I love it when a crappy comic does the work of insulting people for me.

Doctor 1: Who else but a fool would volunteer for this experiment?

Holokara: (doctor's voice) All right, Test Subject Number 17, we have several new McDonald's dishes we'd like you to try.

Doctor 1: One sure thing about morons though, the little brains they have are always in their pants!

Holokara: (as Troy) Uh, you guys know that I can hear you, right? Uh, I mean, the glass is not that thick.

Holokara (v/o): It turns out the two spheres and domino thing are actually some kind of holographic projector, which emits an image of a woman in lingerie.

Holokara: (stroking his chin in thought) Hmm, a holographic projection of a woman in lingerie...

(He looks toward his emitter on his shoulder, which he reaches out to touch, then withdraws quickly, waving dismissively)

Holokara: Nah, I'm just messing with ya! I already used up this year's shirtless budget last week.

Holokara (v/o): Also, I think there might be something wrong with Captain Huge Forehead here, since he looked at the hologram and proclaims...

Troy: Hey baby! OOOOOOOWEEEEE!

Holokara (v/o): Because, you know, it's only natural that your first reaction to holographic porn is letting out that you're in pain? However, this doesn't last long.

Narrator: Suddenly, Dr. Evans hits the wrong switch, and Suzy-Q becomes Johnny-Boy! Troy is whirling out of control on hormone overload!

Holokara (v/o): And yes, the image has changed from a woman in lingerie to a muscular guy in a Speedo. So... hormone overload after switching from a half-naked woman to a half-naked guy? So, is the guy bisexual? I don't think this comic understands how hormones work.


Holokara: I think Troy is in a little bit of denial about himself. Or he just really, really misses the half-naked woman. (shrugs)

Holokara (v/o): And then his head explodes!

(Holokara stares for a long time, blinks once, then slaps himself on the head with the comic)

Holokara: WHAT?!?

Holokara (v/o): (stammers) I... I don't... WHAT?! When did this suddenly turn into Scanners?!

Dr. Evans: Whoops! Well, at least we know it works well enough!

Holokara: (as Dr. Evans) Yes, our brilliant invention of a machine that projects half-naked holograms of people that, when it switches from one to another, causes people's heads to explode, is an unbridled success!

Doctor 1: That's life in the great food chain!

Holokara: Yeah, I'm sure you people have heard of the Circle of Life. In reality, it's the circle of people's heads blowing up.

Doctor 2: Shall we send the lamp to Dr. Langdon?

Doctor 1: Yes! I know his results will be even more explosive!!

Holokara: I think if you need something more explosive than (makes "finger quotes") "blow people's heads up", you might want to just make a more conventional explosive than "holographic lamp projector that shows half-naked people"!

Holokara (v/o): And they called them mad. Ha! And yes, this Dr. Langdon now has the lamp on his desk and a woman named Jenny enters.

Dr. Langdon: (thinking) Jenny Porter. Paranoia. What a beautifully perfect subject.

Holokara: Eh, I liked "hooker with a heart of gold" a little bit better than "paranoia".

Dr. Langdon: (thinking) What a perfectly vulnerable mind. Controlling her should be easy!

Holokara: (as Dr. Langdon) And if not, I have my Easy Bake head exploder. (normal, angrily) No, I'm not letting this go! Lamp projects hologram, gender switches, dude's head explodes! (utterly dumbfounded) What the hell?!

Dr. Langdon: Ah, Jenny. It's so nice to meet you. I'm Doctor Langdon.

Jenny: I'm afraid there's been a mistake. My husband said I was meeting someone to teach me self-defense!

Holokara: (as Dr. Langdon) Naturally. I'm a doctor of kung fu.

Jenny: (thinking) I don't need a shrink... I need a 12-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun!

(Cut to a clip of Army of Darkness)

Ash (Bruce Campbell): (holding up his "boomstick") S-Mart's top of the line.

(Back to the comic again)

Holokara (v/o): The woman says that clearly, her husband has deceived her and that she'll be leaving now.

Dr. Langdon: That's okay, Jenny, I understand. I'm sorry for the deception. Say, what do you think of my new lamp? I just had it delivered... (thinking) Delivered from Hell, that is!

Holokara: But that doesn't look like the Amityville 4 lamp at all.

Holokara (v/o): And by the way, as a lamp reviewer, I must say that a lamp that destroys your head kind of defeats the purpose of the lamp, which is to illuminate the room and help you see. If your head is blown off, your eyes are gone, too, thus making it more difficult to see everything. Then again, you're dead and don't really care at that point. Final score for this lamp: five out of ten.

Dr. Langdon: (thinking) Look deep into it, Jenny Porter. Soon your mind will be under my control!

Holokara: (announcer voice, while music from Match Game plays) The new Hell Lamp 2000! Not only does it use less energy, but it has so many other features! It controls minds! It blows up minds! It even has something for you lonely types out there, who only have a lamp for company. Call in the next ten minutes and receive (holds up remote control) this special remote control and disco lighting function absolutely free!

Disclaimer voice: Warning: Offer void in Utah and Arizona.

Holokara (v/o): On her way back home, Jenny listens to news on her radio.

Radio announcer: ...And now, the story that just won't go away--Malibu mutilations! First, it was household pets, now they've human body parts! Authorities are puzzled as to who -- or what -- is behind the recent rash of animal mutilations...

Holokara: (as radio announcer) This has been Plot Convenience News, providing plot details for the last fifty years.

(The screen freezes as the letters "PCN" appears)

Background singer: Plot Convenience News!

Holokara (v/o): And now, a picture of a guy outside walking his dog saying, "Hello, Mrs. Porter," even though a second ago, she was in a car. I can see him just waving to her, but this seems to indicate she's walking now.

Jenny: (thinking) That's no dog...

(Cut to a clip of Star Wars)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness): It's a space station.

(Cut back to the comic)

Jenny: (thinking) looks more like a blood-sucking, flesh-eating monster-wolf from Hell!

Holokara: Okay, comic, there is a difference between (makes a "finger quote") "paranoid" and "just plain stupid".

Holokara (v/o): She arrives home, and her husband [Jack] informs her that he has to go to New York. She objects, because she's worried about the recent mutilations, but he reassures her that there is nothing to worry about.

Jack: There are no man-eating monsters in Malibu... Maybe in Miami, but not Malibu!

Holokara (v/o): Okay, if that's a reference to something, I have no idea what it is. Maybe some murders or a reference to alligators or something, but yeah, lost on me. After she sets the house's alarm, she sits and sulks about the lack of someone around to be with her.

Jenny: (thinking) Damn! There's no one I can call. I've got to be careful not to look desperate; after all, men are potential rapists...

(Holokara is so utterly stupefied and horrified by what he's reading that he can barely speak)

Holokara: (stammering) I... I mean... Technically... Yes, all men are potentially rapists, but... by that same token, all women are potentially rapists, too! Where the hell did this come from?! (looks horrified)

Jenny: (thinking) ...and those that aren't married have some kind of disease!

(Holokara is even more horrified, too stunned to speak at all; then cut to a clip of Frankenstein Island)

Kevin Murphy: (voiceover narration) Our story so far: utter madness.

(Back to the comic again)

Narrator: Editor's note: Readers are warned that some married men are rapists and have diseases, too.

(A shot of the title for The More You Know on NBC is shown briefly before cutting back to the comic again)

Narrator: The quiet of a peaceful night is ripped asunder by the shuddering howl of a restless beast and the chilling cry of a hunted soul.

Holokara: (alarmed) It's the rake! GET A GUN!

Holokara (v/o): And following my advice when dealing with creatures born from creepypastas, Jenny has grabbed a rifle.

Jenny: Hounds from Hell...hunting their prey to indulge their blood-thirsty appetites... I don't taste good! Do you hear me?! No meat on my bones!!

Holokara: (as Jenny, holding up a rifle) N-Nothing savory about me! I'm all gristle! I-I don't go well with barbecue sauce!

Narrator: Suddenly, Jenny is face to face with her evil twin...

Holokara (v/o): Did I just flip over two pages at once? "Evil twin"?! What?!

Narrator: ...looking into the eyes of her own alter-ego. Like matter meeting anti-matter, as though through a dimensional window...

Holokara: (as narrator) As if two different kinds of butter were touching. As if someone tried to mix stripes and plaid in the same outfit.

Holokara (v/o): The narration says that while she's in a panic, she drops the gun and it shoots her twin. But it was all a dream. Well, that accomplished a lot. After she double-checks her security system and the locks on her windows, she gets some food for her cat. Also, the artist felt it was necessary to show her nipples poking through her outfit. She's either really cold or shooting her doppelganger in a dream really got her hot and bothered.

Narrator: Horrors from her worst dreams invade the conscious mind, blurring the lines between nightmare and reality...

Holokara: What horrors? Did she have a dream where she ran out of Fancy Feast for her cat?

Holokara (v/o): The cat goes out through the pet door, and being an idiot, Jenny decides to put the life of her cat above her own, stepping outside to try to get it. However, she blames this whole thing on her husband Jack for leaving her all alone.

Narrator: Jenny is gripped with fear, paralyzed in terror, as she stares straight into the piercing eyes of the inevitable encounter before her...

(To the sound of battle music in a Pokemon game, we transition to the next panel)

Narrator: Hounds from Hell who have been feeding on Jenny's unconscious fear, step into her consciousness to feed upon the flesh and blood of her reality. They encircle her in a ritualistic formation, preparing to dive in a feeding frenzy...

Holokara (v/o): Okay, wait a damn minute! How far away from her house is she? Now she's by a river? Also, what the hell is this comic talking about? Dream wolves that feed on reality? What?! Didn't this comic start out about a head-exploding lamp? Jenny flees the creatures back to the house, and I just realized that this would have been better if she encountered herself. You know, if she was the other version she saw in the dream? It wouldn't really make any sense, but as was said in Diablo II...

(Cut to a clip of Diablo II)

Marius: Why do things happen as they do in dreams?

(Cut back to the comic)

Holokara (v/o): I mean, hell, it'd make more sense than the narration claiming she was "an evil twin". Anyway, we cut to the husband in New York, apparently calling at 4 in the morning to check up on her, but not getting an answer.

Man: I'm sure she's fine. She's probably asleep, having a wonderful dream...

Holokara: Well, all her life is changing every day, in every possible way, and all her dreams are never quite as it seems, never quite as it seems...

Narrator: While her husband Jack is biting on a Polish sausage, Jenny is getting a bite of her own...

Holokara: (as Jenny) Who left all these Polish sausages in my backyard?

Holokara (v/o): However, she's suddenly pulled out of the experience, that has momentarily made her a blonde woman, to see her neighbor and the dog from before standing over her. After she's helped up, she also sees the doctor from earlier, revealing that, yet again, this has all been a dream. Yep, the magic lamp of holograms and brain explosions and mind control is also some kind of hypnosis machine. The doctor thinks about his evil plans to take over her mind, but otherwise is just being all psychotherapy-ish and whatnot. Time for another patient!

Holokara: So... at some point, we'll address the half of the title that says this involves the future, right?

Dr. Langdon: George! Sit down and relax! What's got you so upset today?

George: Oh, I got an eviction notice! I meant to pay rent, but I got carried away at the Price Club again!

Holokara: (as George) I... I just kept buying blenders. I think I've got a problem, doc!

Holokara (v/o): Dr. Langdon then uses the power of his lamp to go inside this guy's mind. Despite the fact that this George guy just admitted he was evicted, his dream state is him back in his apartment typing up an ad for a roommate to aid his financial woes.

George: (thinking) Roommate wanted for unfurnished bedroom... ummmm... Must be clean, considerate... and employed!

Holokara: I do have to laugh at that kind of specificity in an advertisement. Technically, you don't have to tell someone why they were rejected for being a roommate. So... you probably don't need to remind people that they should shower before coming to see you.

Narrator: Unfortunately, the one to answer his call is no human being at all, but rather an instrument of mind control, delivered directly by Dr. Langdon.

Mysterious figure: (thinking) Looks like I'm gonna be movin' into a new place! I love livin' with nerds, they treat me like a king!

Holokara (v/o): Question: If this guy is simply a figment of George's imagination, why does he have thought balloons? Anyway, when George returns to his apartment, Mr. Matrix is already inside and laying on his couch.

George: Who are you?!

Stranger: Hey, Georgie! I'm your new roomie! Vince, Vince Powers! Say, I couldn't figure out which room was my bedroom, 'cause only one had furniture in it!

George: Yes, it's an unfurnished room...

Vince: No, no, Georgie! Your ad said the room was furnished! Are you calling me a liar, Georgie?!

Holokara: (as George) Yes. Yes, I am. You broke into my home, claimed to be my new roommate without letting me interview you first, and now you were lying about the content about the contents of the advertisement, and anyone can see through that. (points offscreen) Now get out before I call the police!

Holokara (v/o): At least, that's how it would work in the real world. Instead, George sacrifices all of his furniture to the guy, who refuses to give rent right away and basically treats George like a slave. At one point, there's even a half-naked woman in the apartment who invites George to bed, but since he is the ultimate personification of dorkdom, he just runs off in a panic. George leaves the house while repeating to himself...

George: (thinking) Without order, there is chaos...

Holokara (v/o): his mind over and over. So... what, was George raised by the Orlons or something? What the hell? He apparently has a job as... I don't know, a doctor? A coroner? The police detective? Anyway, he's at a morgue, where he and another police detective are shown the body of a decapitated woman.

George: (gasp) Satan's slut!

Holokara: (confused at what he read) What?!

George: Satan's slut!

(Holokara is more confused than ever. Then we cut to a clip of an episode of South Park)

Towelie: I have no idea what's going on.

(Back to the comic again)

Holokara (v/o): George goes running out of the morgue, screaming...

George: Without order there is chaos!

Holokara (v/o): If he is a cop, then he sucks at this. ...and runs back home, spotting Vince carrying out a bag and a butcher's knife, implying that it was Vince who killed the woman. And then I guess he isn't a cop, since now he's at a gun store, buying a gun, which he is instantly given.

(Cut to a clip of the MST3K gang watching Track of the Moon Beast: the scene at a gun store)

Mike: (as Paul Carlson) Should I wait a few days and cool off?

Servo: No, no reason.

(Cut back to the comic)

Holokara (v/o): And then he's back home and is putting the gun to Vince's head and ordering him to leave. However, the cops enter, too.

Cop 1: Freeze, Robinson!

Cop 2: We want to ask you a few questions about Satan's slut!

Holokara: (utterly dumbfounded) A...gain with the "Satan's..." WHAT?!?

(Cut to a clip of The Big Lebowski)

The Big Lebowski (David Huddleston): What in God's holy name are you blathering about?!

(Back to the comic again)

Holokara (v/o): So George fires at the cops, and after the ensuing gunfight, he's in the hospital. Vince stops by to tell him they've lost the lease, but that's okay, since he'll spend all his free time with him. Aaand in a legitimately funny moment, back in the doctor's office, George is trying to strangle Dr. Langdon while he tries to bring him out of the trance. And then we're back to when George put up the "roommate wanted" ad? Vince even repeats his dialog. What the hell? Is the comic looping itself?

(This comic image spins away as the next image spins into place, piece by piece, to the Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle")

Steve Miller Band: Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping... Into the future...

Holokara (v/o): Erm, anyway, time for another patient, I guess. It's another paranoid person. You know, doc, what exactly are you hoping to accomplish with this? I know you want to take control of the minds of other people, but I'm just not getting what the long-term accomplishment is here. You just seem kind of unfocused, is what I'm saying. Anyway, he puts this guy under like the other two, but this time, it starts out with silhouettes. Okay. They tell the guy, Steve, that he's having a near-death experience. Steve is a photographer and starts to remember what happened. Steve is also kind of an asshole. Since he was spending all his time complaining about how he's paranoid, he doesn't notice his friend choking to death on olives. At the funeral, he meets a woman named Paula, who seems to share his paranoia issues, though Steve has got it worse. The next morning, he's trying to shave, but keeps thinking of what could happen to him.

Steve: (thinking) I moved my alarm clock because I read that magnetic rays cause cancer.

(Cut to the obligatory shot of "Superman At Earth's End")

Hitler Clone: Of course. Don't you know anything about science?

(Cut back to the "Future Shock" comic)

Steve: (thinking) ...And what if I fall in the shower and hit the tile, and jam particles thru my nostrils into my brain... My bathroom... It's like a chamber of death!

Holokara: (as Steve) That toilet paper roll is trying to kill me!

Holokara (v/o): He tries to go to the airport to fly to a photo shoot, but his paranoia gets the best of him again, and he goes home to sit under a table in preparation for an earthquake. Paula comes by and basically tells him that she's not gonna spend all her time hiding under a table, and Steve realizes what an asshole he's been, getting out to try to talk to Paula, but instead is hit by her car when he goes into the streets. So, there's your lesson, kids!

(Cut once again to the MST3K gang as they finish watching The Mole People)

Mike: Stick your head in the sand!

Crow: Don't go chasing waterfalls!

(Cut back to the comic)

Holokara (v/o): However, he's okay. The silhouettes are just the effects of his concussion, I guess. However, Dr. Langdon appears to take him out of it. (stammers in surprise) But then Jenny shows up...? The hell?

Jenny: I'm taking you out now, Russell. We've made a lot of progress today, and it's time for you to come back.

Holokara (v/o): Yeah, suddenly, Dr. Langdon isn't blond-haired, and he's in a psychiatrist's office with Dr. Porter sitting near him!

Langdon: No, Dr. Porter! I want to be the doctor some more!

Holokara: (hardly able to contained his anger) You're telling me this whole damn thing has just been a bunch of dreams within dreams?!? The hell is this, Inception?!

Holokara (v/o): And so, the comic ends with a shot of the lamp, but with... blood all over it?? And "The End?" WHAT?!?!

Holokara: (utterly baffled) What even... I... (snaps comic shut in anger and holds it up) THIS COMIC SUCKS!!

Holokara (v/o): What the hell did I just read?! Even putting aside the amateurish artwork on the thing and the fact that nothing of what we saw was real, the dialogue was nonsensical at best most of the time or just required exposition from the narration captions to explain what was going on! And it still didn't help! With only twelve pages, the three vignettes don't have a lot of time to develop and establish anything. To be fair, a lot of the nonsensical bits do make more sense if you watched the movie, but the problem is that this is actually an adaptation of the movie!

(Footage of the movie version of Future Shock is shown)

Holokara (v/o): Yeah, they transcribed a movie that was an hour and 47 minutes long...

(Editor's note: "An hour and 38 minutes, actually, but same difference, really.")

Holokara (v/o): ...into a twelve-page comic! What the hell were they thinking?!

(Back to the comic again)

Holokara (v/o): The best of the three vignettes is the Jenny one, since it actually kind of has a dreamlike atmosphere to it, and Jenny's paranoia and delusions help feed what could be a tense thriller, aided by the fact that we can't be certain what's real and what isn't. But even that has problems, since it just kind of ends out of nowhere, the dialogue is still insane, and it still doesn't give a lot of time to do anything. And what in the hell of Michigan was up with that first page showing the dude's head blowing up after the half-naked woman became a Speedo-wearing guy?!?

Holokara: I can see why this was considered by that fan as (makes a "finger quote") "the next 'Bimbos in Time'", but I'm sorry to say that this was still shorter than "Bimbos in Time" and not quite as infuriating. Also, unlike "Bimbos in Time", I actually (points to comic) did get a laugh or two out of this. (throws down comic, gets up and leaves)

(End credits roll)

Hey, you know what ISN'T in the movie version? A line of dialogue that says all men are potential rapists.

Machines that make your head explode? It must be THE FUTURE!

(Stinger: Harvey Finevoice confronts Holokara)

Harvey: (angrily) Hey! Fake-kara!

Holokara: (calmly) Oh, hey, Harvey. You know, it's really kind of rude to refer to me like that.

Harvey: You know what? It is! And you know what else is rude? Shoving your hand in someone's chest and threatening to kill them!

Holokara: Ah, I see you talked to 90s Kid.

Harvey: You got a wire loose in there or something? What's wrong with you?!

Holokara: I don't know why you're upset with me. You're the one who's always bitching about how he pisses you off.

Harvey: He is an idiot, but you don't go around threatening to murder people for that!

Holokara: And I don't want to murder him. He just needed to get the message that I was tired of him interrupting my show.

Harvey: (pointing at him accusingly) You could've killed him when you pulled that stunt!

Holokara: Hmph, so I could have. What's your point?

Harvey: You're malfunctioning, you piece of garbage! You probably have been running too long and there's battery acid leaking out!

Holokara: Harvey, there's nothing wrong with me. Nothing at all.

Harvey: Don't you try to light up the tilt sign with me, nosebleed! You're coming with me to that computer chick, and she's gonna give you the once-over to figure out what's wrong!

Holokara: (crosses arms) Or what?

(Infuriated, Harvey pulls his pistol on Holokara)

Holokara: Harvey, please don't embarrass yourself.

(Harvey fires some shots from his gun, but they have no effect on Holokara, who is more annoyed than anything. He punches Harvey in the stomach, his fist sinking into Harvey's stomach when he hits him, and Harvey falls to the ground, stunned)

Harvey: Harvey, please don't get in my way. It'd be a shame if I had to crush your throat. (shrugs) I mean, how would you ever sing again? (chuckles)

(Holokara walks off. Holokara struggles to get up, grunting and groaning, but passes out)