Freaky Friday

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April 28, 2018
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Todd plays "Freaky Friday" on the piano.

A pop song review

Todd: You know, I've reviewed a lot of different genres on this show, but we've got something special today. We're gonna review...a comedy song! That's right, get ready to listen to some wacky hysterical comedy music with some hilarious jokes that will make you pee your pants with laughter! Are you ready for some humor? (Honks on his comedy horn) But of course, this is still a review show, so not only are we gonna get some laughs, I'm criticize it! That's right, I'm gonna explain why those jokes that apparently everyone thinks are funny are actually offensive and not funny at all. You heard me. We're about to get #PROBLEMATIC up in here! I wanna die.

Todd (VO): Now, to be clear, I am not saying we shouldn't analyze and criticize comedy. Jokes are extremely powerful and important, so I think it's a real vital thing to understand jokes and criticize them, harshly if necessary, if we're gonna understand our own beliefs and values and what effect we have on the people around us and what kind of world we wanna live in.

Todd: But what I am saying, is that doing so is completely unenjoyable for everyone! It's not enjoyable to write, or to read, or to listen to. Either you're gonna disagree with me, in which case, I'm a buzzkill shitting on your good time, or you agree with me, in which case, you were already offended and not enjoying yourself. So, I can make this promise to you, this episode is gonna be 100% no fun! Not for me or for you or for anyone else in the universe, it's going to be miserable. I'd rather skin my own feet with a carrot peeler! In fact, I don't remember why in God's name I decided to do this.

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