Fool Fantastic


Real Name
Chris Ames
Article writer.
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Marvelous Movies

Fool Fantastic was to date the youngest contributor on He was an article writer writing a series where he tried to understand why certain games and movies are considered the best by some people. He considered it a hall of fame of sorts. He also did movie reviews where he illustrates a traditional view of movies.

His views on movies seem to agree with sites like rottentomatoes and IMDb, etc. He usually agrees with the general consensus. However, his opinions on games are far from average. His favorites are games such as: Rollercoaster Tycoon and Phoenix Wright. He detests games like Halo. So, naturally, he makes a lot of people angry with his views on games.

Before finding the site, he discovered the 5 Second Movies on Youtube and eventually found TGWTG through GameFAQs. After watching The Nostalgia Critic, he decided to post in the blogs and was picked up after talking to CEO Mike Michaud.

He became a featured talent on October 19th, 2009. By September 16th, 2010, he started his own show called Marvelous Movies. By March 2011, Ames left the website.


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