Channel Awesome

When Channel Awesome launched the new site in late 2014, a section for the featured user created blogs was created. This section was much like the old Best of Blogs section on Users work would be spotlighted for a time on the main page. Here is a history of the featured bloggers.

Number Name Blog name Dates featured Link
1 Cferra Starbolts and Comic Showcase January 2015-March 2015
2 Patrick Alexander That Other Song March 2015
3 Tyas Tyas Looks At March 2015-April 2015
4 INCspot The INCspotlight April 2015
5 Madhog thy Master Madhog thy Master May 2015
6 Detective Steve Film Noir June 2015
7 Paranormal Rob The Cartoon Clipshow June 2015
8 Whyboy Cartoon Corner Late June 2015
9 The Reviewers Unite The Reviewers Unite July 2015
10 Super Villain VLOGS Super Villain VLOGS August 2015
11 Joey Hollywood Films Joey Hollywood Films September 2015
12 Gaming Tidbits Gaming Todbots October 2015
13 44Burnes 44Burnes December 2015
14 TheHappySpaceman TheHappySpaceman Productions/Dark Matter February 2016
15 DKANG0316 DKANG0316 Let's Plays March 2016
16 The Critical Order The Critical Order April 2016-May 2016
17 Project Nitsuj Project Nitsuj June 2016-Jan 2017
18 Planet Tyro Planet Tyro January 2017
19 Antoni Matteo Garcia Antoni Matteo Garcia February 2017
20 Spectrum Pulse Spectrum Pulse February 2017-March 2017
21 Cferra Starbolt Productions April 2017