When Channel Awesome launched the new site in late 2014, a section for the featured user created blogs was created. This section was much like the old Best of Blogs section on TGWTG.com. Users work would be spotlighted for a time on the main page. Here is a history of the featured bloggers.

Number Name Blog name Dates featured Link
1 Cferra Starbolts and Comic Showcase January 2015-March 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/cferra.4923/
2 Patrick Alexander That Other Song March 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/patrick-alexander.38704/
3 Tyas Tyas Looks At March 2015-April 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/tyas-looks-at.136223/
4 INCspot The INCspotlight April 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/incspot.98468/
5 Madhog thy Master Madhog thy Master May 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/conversations/featured-blogger.51419/
6 Detective Steve Film Noir June 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/j0hnny0hm.87487/
7 Paranormal Rob The Cartoon Clipshow June 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/paranormal-rob.4936/
8 Whyboy Cartoon Corner Late June 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/whyboy.50652/
9 The Reviewers Unite The Reviewers Unite July 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/superdude1999.70203/
10 Super Villain VLOGS Super Villain VLOGS August 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/mrgoodplot.135785/
11 Joey Hollywood Films Joey Hollywood Films September 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/joeyhollywood1.124967/
12 Gaming Tidbits Gaming Todbots October 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/tsurugikage.72348/
13 44Burnes 44Burnes December 2015 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/44burnes.128523/
14 TheHappySpaceman TheHappySpaceman Productions/Dark Matter February 2016 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/thehappyspaceman.133532/
15 DKANG0316 DKANG0316 Let's Plays March 2016 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/dkang0316.128158/
16 The Critical Order The Critical Order April 2016-May 2016 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/the-critical-order.138173/
17 Project Nitsuj Project Nitsuj June 2016-Jan 2017 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/nitsuj.110656/
18 Planet Tyro Planet Tyro January 2017 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/donwun.101874/
19 Antoni Matteo Garcia Antoni Matteo Garcia February 2017 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/antoni-matteo-garcia.149114/
20 Spectrum Pulse Spectrum Pulse February 2017-March 2017 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/silens_cursor.87505/
21 Cferra Starbolt Productions April 2017 http://channelawesome.com/forums/xfa-blogs/cferra.4923/

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