Fat Grandma

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Portrayed by
Lewis Lovhaug

Fat Grandma is a character created by Phelan Porteous and Allison Pregler[1] and is played by Lewis Lovhaug, aka Linkara. She first appeared in Phelous' "The Time Machine" review. She also made brief appearances in The Cinema Snob (usually telling the Snob's reviews as stories to a very annoyed Linkara). She reappears in The Nostalgia Critic's Disney Afternoon retrospective as a stand-in for Tamara Chambers' grandma, and again in Old vs. New: Spider-Man, encouraging Hyper Fangirl to stalk Nostalgia Critic. She also appears at the end of Welshy's farewell video, where she is once again telling the story of the series to an annoyed Linkara, and then proceeds to tell him the story of Demo Reel stating that "It's not very long".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Fat Grandma is never seen without a robe, usually a dark green one, and eyeglasses. She has white, wild hair and her voice is often compared to that of an older black woman's. Her main characteristic is her sassy attitude.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fat Grandma has never appeared in an episode of Atop the 4th Wall (However, she was mentioned in his New 52 Blue Beetle retrospective episode). According to Lewis, he will never play the Fat Grandma role in any of his AT4W episodes. She is one of the few characters Linkara plays that appears only in small cameos in other review shows.

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