Eujoyuen fanart

Real Name
Eugenia Joyuen
TGWTG Title Card Artist

Eujoyuen is the title card artist of The Blockbuster Buster and Y Ruler of Time. While she does Y Ruler's card on her own, ERod first draws his and then sends it to her for coloring and effects.




Eujoyuen lives in Lima, Peru, and works as a professional graphic artist. Her main language is Spanish, but she understands English very well too.


She started out watching the Nostalgia Critic and later followed many other contributors after watching Kickassia.

As for how she became a TGWTG title card artist, she says:

"First I saw Blockbuster Buster's trailer and it really caught my attention, so I checked his Youtube page. After that I liked all of them and sent ERod a fanmail offering my help, and he really needed someone to color his title cards (before me, he did everything by himself). My job here is to paint the raw drawings, since ERod likes to draw them himself. My first title card was the Casting Couch for TMNT. After that one, I decided to experiment more in new styles and I've been making changes slowly: textures, more detailed backgrounds, and the current logo of the show (well, not the one in the new intro, that's from the effects studio) and the new poster. Boss is happy since then.

Besides the title cards, some of my stuff appeared on the show: the tarot card and the alien drawing from the 100th episode (ERod vs. Episode 1), and the t-shirt from the Marmaduke review (which can be found in my project conejitoMACHO ).

About Y Ruler of Time, I always loved his show, and did some fanarts of him and Rollo T. Of course I sent him fanmail and it was with one of my fanarts Nik decided to reply me and agreed to have me as his artist. My first card was for the Shamo review."


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