Eric Power


Real Name
Eric Power

Eric Power is a former animator for Channel Awesome and was on the fiftieth edition of Transmission Awesome.


Eric first started messing around with animation back in high school, real simple stuff. After moving to Austin for college he began experimenting once more. He started making short animations in a variety of styles such as claymation, hand drawn, and digital. Eric began to have so much fun with it so he decided to switch his focus in life to improving my work. Eventually, he got into making animated music videos, which he has continued to this day. His animation also plays a key role in defining his ericpowerup videos.


What ericpowerup is all about: Ericpowerup is his way of showing a side of his personality he's often unable to share through regular interaction. Basically, what that means is that he can make a video on subjects dear to his heart and not only talk about them, but also show visual representations of his thoughts via animation and other techniques. Working on videos is also a great way to experiment in different techniques, special effects, and general entertainment. When you get right down to it, ericpowerup is just what it says Eric Power taken to the next level... as if he ate a Mario mushroom!

About him

He lives in Austin Texas and is 30 years old. B-day on November 24th 1982. He has a dog named Bono. Yup.

Getting into TGWTG

He first started seeing The Nostalgia Critic's videos when he began the mock feud with The Nerd. After following this, and the other contributors work for some time, he asked himself, "what could be more fun than watching these videos" with the prompt answer "by making videos of my own"! He has won eight Best of Blogs and two Awesome Blogs of the Week.


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