The great Ensign Munroooo!

Ensign/Lieutenant Munro is a character based off the main protagonist of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, a PC game that Linkara once did a "Let's Play" on. He wears a uniform from Star Trek: Voyager, and his face is usually in a scowl, referencing Munro's constant scowl in the game. In the "Let's Play", Linkara would occasionally act as Ensign Munro, presenting him as somewhat full of himself (as the rest of the Voyager crew are "basically idiots"), as well as a bit of a pervert. It is unknown if these particular traits will be seen in the show.

Lord Vyce Conflict

Munro's first major appearence is in the review of the game's comic book version, at that time promoted to Lieutenant. He transports to Linkara's home via a distress signal when his ship was heavily damaged. Before Linkara can get him back, however, the Vohrsoth (also from the game) appears and attacks. Munro and Linkara combine forces and managed to defeat it, and Munro tells Linkara the name of the creator of the Vohrsoth- a name that Linkara immediately recognizes: Lord Vyce.

Lt. Munro would later appear much later in Linkara's review of "Superman: Distant Fires", now in a uniform from Star Trek: First Contact. Through a communication, he says that Starfleet can't help since they were busy with terrorists, but he'll try to stop by if he had time.

He does, and while he doesn't exactly do well against Lord Vyce the first time, the latter recognizing him as having fought off the Vohrsoth, he comes to with the help of Harvey Finevoice and joins him, along with Linkara, Iron Liz, and '90s Kid in a combined attack that defeats Vyce, Munro using Linkara's BFG.

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