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Ed Glaser

Ed Glaser is the man behind Press Start, the Flash animated series appearing on

Origin of the Series

Ed's original idea for Press Start was to make a parody that was essentially "Video Game: The Movie!" He envisioned a mishmash of video game genres, with jokes and references piled upon themselves as the protagonist came to grips with the fact that his normal world had started to behave like a video game. He carried that idea in the back of his mind while working on other films and searching for someone to write the script.

He found that someone in Folliard, who had worked with Glaser on other projects. An avid videogame fan as well as a funny writer, Kevin seemed like an ideal choice, and was immediately interested when Ed mentioned the idea. A couple months later, when Ed suggested that they start on the project, he was surprised and delighted to find that Kevin was already several scenes into a draft.

“Kevin took my original vague ideas and made them his own.” Glaser commented. “He took the parts that worked and reshaped them into something far better than I’d developed.”

Ed directs, produces, and does the audio editing for the cartoons.

Turkish Rambo

Ed is also responsible for bringing to DVD a movie named "Rampage", which is also known as the Turkish Rambo. Dark Maze Studios found a copy of the movie and released it on DVD for all to enjoy. About the movie, Ed has said, "I'm a huge fan of foreign rip-offs of American films, and when I saw a couple of clips from Korkusuz (aka Turkish Rambo) on YouTube and learned that no English version of the complete film was available, I decided to produce one myself. So I tracked down the rights and did just that. :-)"

Donation drive

On December 5th, 2009, Ed was one of the hosts of the donation drive for the Ronald McDonald House charity.


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