Dr Bitch- Spasms was a character that only appeared in 1 episode of the Nostalgia Critic. He was also mentioned in the episode Nostalgia Critic Fuckups Part 3. In Patch Adams he is a parody of Patch Adams (the fictional character) where he is trying to help Nostalgia Critic with his illness but instead just irritates him with his techniques. In the Nostalgia Critic Fuckups Part 3 the critic assures everybody that they don't have to deal with him anymore and by everyone's surprise, he doesn't come back to life.


He appears the same as Patch, he has the lab coat and the big red nose, but he also has the colorful clown afro.


The Nostalgia Critic started talking about the real Patch Adams when Bitch Spasms calls him a conformist and the critic shoots him. After that he is dead forever, even after he is mentioned in Nostalgia Critic Fuck Ups Part 3.


Hoho! Don't you know? The cure for anything, anywhere, is laughter, hoho!

Wait for it... (looks Back and forth between his watch and NC, looking at him nastily, then throws his clown nose and hops off.

Hoho! You conformist, don't you know the answer to everything is (gets shot)


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