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Linksano before leaving Linkara's dimension

Basically, an alternate reality version of Dr. Insano played by Lewis Lovhaug and wears a black ensemble under a brown-grey trenchcoat. He briefly became one of Linkara's main enemies up until the review of "Warrior #2 and 3", and he shares many qualities with this universe's Dr. Insano with some of them even being a little exaggerated. He retreats back to his dimension in the review of "Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: Fit to Win" after finding out the arrival of an interdimensional conqueror, Lord Vyce.

As of the review of "Silent Hill: Dead Alive #5", Linksano has teamed up with Lord Vyce on his ship to fix Mechakara. However, despite the upgrades he gave, Mechakara ends up being destroyed by Linkara anyway in the "Power Rangers Zeo #1" review, leading a furious Vyce to choke him in the following review until Vyce just throws him onto the ground.

Eventually, in the second fight against Lord Vyce, it has been revealed that Linksano has been a spy for Linkara all along, disabling the ship's shields and energy source. As he reveals himself, he boasts to Vyce that he will run from him no longer, and that is is now he, Linksano, that will be the conqueror. However, after the conflict, Linkara manages to dissuade Linksano from doing so for some time with a Junior Chemistry playset.

Linksano soon returns, having forged a doomsday weapon from said playset, planning to destroy Linkara (or send him to another dimension), steal his ship, and, you guessed it, take over the world. (OF COURSE!!!) However, before he could do so, he is found by a monstrous and mysterious creature called "the entity". As the entity proceeds towards him, he screams in terror, finally disappearing to an as of yet unknown fate as the entity laughs evilly. Later on, he reappears in The Electric Tale of Pikachu review along with the rest of the kidnapped people from the Entity. He comments that either due to the Entity's generosity or death resulted in everything in the universe that was kidnapped to return.

He later appears with a Cyber Mat at the end of the All American Comics review to destroy Linkara. However, Linkara befriends the Cyber Mat and Linkara wants to hire Dr. Linksano as his scientific when Mechakara is found to have returned. He promises Linksano the Holideck on Cromicron-1 in exchange. Linksano agrees and Linkara says that if Linksano tries to betray Linkara, Nimue will send Linksano to the same dimension Linkara banished Lord Vyce to. This ends with them discussing of what to do with the Cyber Mat and Mechakara watching this scene and leaving quietly.

Dr. Linksano would later join Linkara and Harvey Finevoice to Cromicron-1 to retake control of the ship from Lord Vyce.

Following this Dr. Linksano now works for Linkara, pointing out errors and mistakes in his reviews to insure there is no fan backlash to point out the mistakes.