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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Phelous: All right, the time has come and you can stop asking. I  know you've been waiting but I'm gonna finally do it. It is time to review the 1986 animated adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde made for Australian television. I can finally rid myself of this evil! Ha ha ha! I can feel it working already! Isn't that right, Mr. Hyde?!

Shredder: Do something else.

Phelous: No.

Hagrid: Do something else.

Phelous: No.

Sub-Zero: Do something else.

Phelous: Okay.

Sub-Zero: Really? You'll review something else?

Phelous: No, I'm just okay that you'll work for Hyde.

Sub-Zero: I don't know if I actually wanna be Hyde.

Phelous: I guess we have the same heart.

Sub-Zero: I hate you.

Dr. Lanyon: Henry! Oh my God!

Old Man from Pulse 1988 (vo): I know what I know, boy, but I'm not telling it!