Doug's List (First To Last)

  1. Looney Tunes (with a big emphasis on Daffy Duck) - The ability to do whatever with Daffy's persona. Daffy's persona is that of a guy who wants this to go his way and the world always backfiring. Theres a bit of the character many of us relate to.
  2. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - How it comments and riffs on whatever they are watching.
  3. The Simpsons - For the world it builds and how it creates a fun social commentary on human intelligence.
  4. Monty Python - Some sketches may fall flat but Doug admires their ability to try whatever they can and experiment with comedy.
  5. Lewis Black - For his persona. Wanting to be polite and dignified but so bad at hiding how he hides his anger.
  6. Tom and Jerry Cartoons/Jack Kinney's Goofy Cartoons - For their brilliant timing, slapstick, and sound effects.
  7. Mel Brooks - How he builds characters in his parody.
  8. South Park - For their ability to keep going, keep getting strong material, and their ability to say whatever they want.
  9. Zucker, Abrams, and Zucker - The mix of childlike humor and naughty raunchy humor. Doug also appreciates their ability to surprisingly being subtle with their parody where many comedy bits (including his own) can be very direct.
  10. Comedy Central News (Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart) - Appreciate Stewart's ability to comment and mock the pros and flaws of both political sides (even his own). Doug also admires Stephen Colbert's wit and his ability to stay committed to his character no matter what.
  11. Rowan Atkinson - Particularly for Blackadder. Doug also acknowledges he appreciates how Atkinson can play the Deadpan Snarker with Blackadder and the positive physical humor with Mr. Bean.
  12. Bill Murray - His confidence in how smug he is.
  13. Animaniacs - The shows mixture of comedic possibilities and its variety.
  14. Dave Chappelle - His mix of something really adult and really childish.
  15. Robin Williams - His genius improve.
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