Doug's Top 10 Hottest Women

Doug's top 10 hottest women

June 24, 2014
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#10 Edit

Doug (vo): Karen Allen from Raiders from the Lost Ark.


#9 Edit

Doug (vo): Kirsten Dunst in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


#8 Edit

Doug (vo): Jane Leeves, if I'm saying that correctly, I'm not entirely sure. This is Daphne Moon from Frasier.


#7 Edit

Doug (vo): Sarah Silverman from The Sarah Silverman Show.


#6 Edit

Doug (vo):  Nicole Beharie from Sleepy Hollow.


#5 Edit

Doug (vo): Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element.


#4 Edit

Doug (vo): Natalie Wood in The Great Race.


#3 Edit

Doug (vo): Michelle Pfeiffer from Batman Returns.


#2 Edit

Doug (vo): Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones.


#1 Edit

Doug (vo): Catherine ZETA-Jones from The Mask of Zorro.

Doug: That Zorro movie, as well, came at a time and I've talked about this before where there was just, I wanna say it was like, Batman and Robin, up to, probably Zorro, maybe, honestly, maybe a year after Zorro. Uh, cause Zorro was like, the one movie cause there was a solid, three or four years, where we just never got a good summer movie; summer movies were expected to suck. And, we just accepted it. And it was awful, aaaass... this really was like, and I'm su- movies go through lulls and hills and valleys, I, I get it and production companies and stuff but, this was like, really the dark times, of, summer movies, you know other, whatever around Christmas and stuff maybe some good movies would come out but summer movies were just dead! I mean they were fucking dead! And anyone that says, "Oh summer movies are so bad now", no, they, from Batman Retur- uh Batman and Robin, to... whatever uh... I'm trying to think when a really big turning point happened. Um, I don't know, from Batman and Robin up until about three or four years, after that, we had nothing but shit, and it was just expected we were gonna go see our summer movies, they were gonna suck... nothing we can do. Um, maybe the internet's changed that, I don't know, but, it was the discovery of CG and it really sucked and Zorro came out, like the same year as Armageddon, Deep Impact, (The) Perfect Storm*; all that fucking shit; they were all terrible! And Zorro came out and it was, sword fighting, and it was stunts, and it was, characters, and it was good story and it was, you know new people, you know we never, really saw Catherine Zeta-Jones before, we saw a little bit of Antonio Banderas but he was, up-and-coming and uh, the villains nobody saw before and it was, like the most refreshing, movie it was saying, "yes summer movies can be good again". And it was just, yes, like that that was the big point.

*Side Note: The Perfect Storm came out in 2000, not 1998.

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