Doug: Hey guys, That Guy With The Glasses here uh, a while ago I did my Top 20 favorite movies of all time, and a lot of people seemed to like that a lot so this time I'm gonna do my Top 10, favorite comedies now what I mean by that is not comedies that, totally redefined the way we look at comedy or, which ones were the most, poetic, or abstract or anything like that. I'm only going by, which ones made me laugh, the most; which ones made me laugh the hardest. So, these are the comedies that I can watch over and over again, never get tired of them, they just always inspire me, always make me laugh, and I am going to count them down for you right now so get ready, these are my top 10 favourite comedies.

[Throughout all this, Doug will say the film's title and then give his own thoughts on the film as various clips of the film play]



Doug (vo): Number 10 -- Hot Shots! Part Deux.



Doug (vo): Number 9 -- Rat Race. Now I'll say right now that the beginning of this movie and the ending of this movie is pure crap. It's cheap jokes, lame writing, and serves the plot poorly. However the middle of the movie; the chase portion, is laugh-out-loud hilarious.



Doug (vo): Number 8 -- Life of Brian.



Doug (vo): Number 7 -- (The) Blues Brothers.



Doug (vo): Number 6 -- Shrek 2. You're probably gonna be really surprised when I say this, but I'm one of the few people who didn't like the first Shrek movie. I thought the idea was clever but the jokes were very few and often not really worked out. It just didn't make me laugh that much. Shrek 2 on the other hand, is funny as hell.


End of Part 1

Doug (vo): And that's about it for now. Stay tuned for the other Top 5, coming soon.

Beginning of Part 2

Doug: Welcome back to my Top 10 favourite comedies well, let's not waste any time, let's get back to the countdown.



Doug (vo): Number 5 -- Ghostbusters.



Doug (vo): Number 4 -- Spaceballs.



Doug (vo): Number 3 -- What's Up Doc?



Doug (vo): Number 2 -- The Great Race.


# 1

Doug (vo): And my number 1 funniest comedy is... Hot Fuzz.

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