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== #3 ==
== #3 ==
Doug (vo): Number 3 -- '''What's Up Doc?'''
Doug (vo): Number 3 -- '''What's Up Doc? '''Now don't get me wrong. I'm not really a Barbra Streisand or Ryan O'Neal fan, but this screwball comedy has some of the best writing and fastest timing in maybe the past fifty years. The jokes are quick, the characters are quirky, and again it pays tribute to the epic comedy by having one of a great car chase at the end. It's right up there with ''The Blues Brothers'' chase in terms of creativity and laugh value. It's just perfect. Though sort of like a farce, What's Up Doc? takes a lot of it's comedy from screwball films like ''His Girl Friday'' and ''Bringing Up Baby''. On top of that, as you probably guess, it also takes a lot of it's humor from the Looney Tunes. When you watch it, it may start off a little slow but trust me when I say if you stick with it, you're really in for something clever and really funny. I never thought I'd recommend a Streisand picture, but trust me when I say it's well worth checking out.
Streisand: (singing ''You're the Top'') I'm a lazy lout who is just about to stop!
Streisand: (singing ''You're the Top'') I'm a lazy lout who is just about to stop!

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