Doug: Everybody, Doug Walker here. First of all, I'm so sorry I don't have a Nostalgia Critic this week. I hate missing deadlines, but...I'm kind of in Finland, and it's 3am right now, as you can clearly see. (Looks out the window and reveals that it looks like it's daytime) Just look at that obvious 3am... (Chuckles) sunlight. (Sits back down) This is during the time of the year where, like, the sun never goes down or just goes down a little, so, uh, I can't sleep. (Chuckles) Because Finland can't invest in thicker curtains. That's closed, that's fully closed. But, what am I bitching about? I'm in Finland, goddamn it, it's amazing. But, uh, since I can't sleep, I've decided to film something to get to you guys. Uh, and I decided I'm gonna do my Top 10 Favorite Disney Films. Uh, and this isn't just animated or live-action, just all together, all together, Top 10 Favorite Disney Films. As a lot of you know, I love Disney, I love what they put out, I love the movies, and they leave a big impact on my childhood, as well as my adulthood, and absolutely love them. And, uh, I've never officially said what my Top 10 favorite ones are, so this is gonna be a countdown of exactly that. For anyone saying, "Why isn't it a Top 11?", do you see a Nostalgia Critic outfit on me, okay, okay? Uh, so, yeah, this is just gonna be a Top 10 Favorite Disney Films. So let's get started.

(The title is shown on a black background. That will serve as the countdown's interlude. Also, every time a pick is announced, an image of the pick will be shown)

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