Doctor Nemesis

Doctor Nemesis AKA Panda Bear is an antagonist on the Blockbuster Buster, created by Eric Kent-Rodriguez and Paul Seetachitt, the latter portraying him. The character's outfit consists of a brown trenchcoat, a black eyepatch over his left eye, and black leather gloves. He has the ability to clone himself and teleport, and he is proficient in sword (and lightsaber)-play.

History[edit | edit source]

Doctor Nemesis was originally the Blockbuster Buster's best friend, Panda Bear, the only other person worthy to wield his hammer, but who turned down the offer of becoming the second Blockbuster Buster in order to direct his own work (the actor's actual occupation). However, the experience of watching Michael Bay's Transformers alone drove him to gouge out his own left eye and turn evil.

He began sending bad movies to the Blockbuster Buster as revenge, finally appearing to force ERod to review three bad finishes to blockbuster trilogies: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Terminator: Rise of the Machines, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Forcibly preventing the busting of the three movies, Doctor Nemesis finally attacked the Blockbuster Buster along with two clones, but was met by Nerdlinger, Fedora Freddy, Cartoon-E and El L0ver. They defeated the villain, who vanished out of his clothes upon being struck with Lucille. It was later revealed that this was just another clone, and that ERod had known this all along.

Doctor Nemesis returned in ERod vs Episode I, now working for the Hooded Man. Because he was still considered worthy, he was able to take Lucille from the Blockbuster Buster. Later, the imprisoned ERod tried to talk him out of it, but Doctor Nemesis left. He later returned with ERods wife SHERod to help him escape, wanting to defeat his arch-nemesis himself. When the Blockbuster Buster insisted that he still wasn't giving up on his friend, appeared and told Nemesis to "let it go." Nemesis removed his costume, revealing his Panda T-shirt beneath it and rejoined the side of good, dueling Evil-E with a lightsaber. However, he was banished to the null void in the same fight. Despite several attempts, ERod has not been able to bring him back yet.

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