Dinosaurs, dinosaurs…

Sound their roar.

Dinosaurs, help us Lord…

Teeth galore.

Run and hide, my oh my…

Or you’ll die.

Flee in fear, dear oh dear…

Now they’re here!

Watch out!

(spoken) Watch out, oh God!

They’ll kill you!

(spoken) They’re gonna kill you!

Watch out!

(spoken) Oh, watch out!

Heed what we said.

(spoken) Heed what we said!

Watch out! Now we’re dead!



Earl Sinclair: Honey, I'm home!

Just kidding, we’re so fun and silly…

And oh so funny, really.

We’re dinosaurs, dinosaurs…

Goofy! Goofy! Goofy! Goofy!

We have silly antics…

Hijinks to make you frantic…

We’re the dinosaurs, say, who could ask for more?

Goofy! Funny! Funny!

Goofy! Funny! Funny!

Laugh at our puppets!

Like “We’re Back!: A Dinosaur Story”…

Except it doesn’t BLOW!

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