Dino Rob reading a comic book.

Dinosaur Rob is an altered character of Rob Walker. Rob wears an officially-licensed Jurassic Park velociraptor dinosaur latex mask for this character.

Dino Rob first appeared in the "My Pet Monster" review. In the film, Melaine walks into her brother Max's room to discover that Max has turned into a monster while Max acts perfectly calm about it (he's reading a comic book). Feeling confused about this scene, Critic goes to ask Rob what's with that scene. As Critic walks into Rob's room, he notices that Rob's head is now a dinosaur head (Like Max in the movie, Rob is reading a comic book. He is reading The Far Side by Gary Larson). Critic asks Rob what happened to him, only for Rob to simply respond with, "I'm a dinosaur." In this appearance, Dino Rob's voice was dubbed by Doug Walker, presumably due Rob's voice being muffled from behind the mask, though later Dino Rob appearances have Rob's actual voice (presumably dubbed into the editing, or with a mic hidden underneath the mask.)

Since the review for My Pet Monster, Dino Rob has made appearances in only a few episodes. He appeared the following week for the Nostalgia Critic's first Commercials review. He has appeared at the end of The Lost World: Jurassic Park review. He is at the end of the Scooby-Doo review, where he is playing cards with 80's Dan and The Ghost of Christmas Future until the Critic walks in the room. He makes a small appearance in the opening of Jurassic Park 3 review, and portrayed the Indominus Rex in the Jurassic World review. He had a cameo in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens review. He portrayed Killer Croc in the Suicide Squad review. Here, Enchantress show him the life he always wanted: a reunion with the dinosaurs from The Land Before Time.

Dino Rob also have appeared in several Top 5 episodes as the antagonist in a storyline where he fights Walter whenever he makes a top 5 of the best episodes of any Power Ranger series, claiming that "there are no good episodes of Power Rangers".

Nostalgia Critic Appearances[edit | edit source]

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