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Dinosaur Adventure


January 16, 2016
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Phelous: Lion and the King took me... quite a while to recover from... but because I hate myself, lets go back into the Dingo Pictures world with Dinosaur Adventure!

Cree: Party time!

Tio: Why are you shouting at me?

Cree: We have to get you some wings. Yeah! That's what we need!

Peek: Instead of flying, Tio's father will spank you for lying.

Tio: Why in the name of... Tyrannosaurus Rex does it work for you and not for me?

Phelous: Why in the name of... Tyrannosaurus Rex did you think I would know that word?

Peek: Tio was trying to learn to fly! That's what made him cry!

Oro: How is your concussion, Tio?

Tio: Rubbish!

Faa: No its not!

Tio: Have you ever seen it?

Tio: It works!

Tio: With fire and everything? Great!

Oro: Have you any sense at all in your thick dino skull?!

Oro: The volcano will erupt!

Tio: I'm sure they're all dead!

Tio: Do you mean that my parents are dead?

Tio: There are tracks!

Cree: You're right! Tio's right!

Peter Venkman (vo): It wasn't that funny.

Phelous: Yes. There's something I don't like here either but its hard to tell what it is.

Cree: You haven't become meat eaters, have you? Shame on you!

Tio: If my parents came here, why wouldn't they stay?

Tio: Who are you?

Faa: Why the second?

Tio II: I had a brother but he's dead.

Cree: He's the spiiting image of you!

Tio II: That's not true! I was hatched out of an egg!

Tio: Why would they make another dino the looks like me?

Phelous: You really chose your friends well, Tio.

Oro: Peek, how can you talk such rubbish?

Phelous: There! I referenced the yee meme! Happy now?!

Tio's mother: We should have kept looking for Tio.

Tio's father: Who knows? Maybe he's still alive.

Tio II: Will you show me how to fly?