Demo Reel


Created by
Produced by
Doug Walker, Rachael Tietz, Malcolm Ray, Rob Walker, Jim Jarosz
Running Time

Demo Reel was a short lived sketch show from Doug and Rob Walker about a production company that aims to recreate old and new movies in order to gain Hollywood's attention. Doug played Donnie DuPre, the overly ambitious director, and was joined by actress Rebecca Stone (played by Rachel Tietz) and writer/actor Tacoma Narrows (played by Malcolm Ray). They were assisted by cameramen Carl (Rob Walker) and Quinn (Jim Jarosz), two men with mysterious orgins that should probably be left unknown. The show premiered on October 30th, 2012, and officialy ended on January 22nd, 2013.

On January 22nd, 2013, a video was released signaling the end of Demo Reel as well as the return of the Nostalgia Critic.


Episode Number Episode Title Description Date Released
Special Demo Reel Trailer One of the most anticipated webshows finally gets a trailer! See the first episode October 30! October 23rd, 2012
1 The Dark Knight Begins Rising Filmmaker Donnie DuPre introduces his production company and his crew. They take on the daunting task of combining all three films in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy into one movie. October 30, 2012
Short Demo Reel Annoys Rob Paulsen The voice of Yakko and most of your childhood gets the ass bugged out of him by Donnie Dupre. November 6th, 2012
Special Where the Hell is Demo Reel? Due to not meeting his standards, Doug explains that Episode 2 will instead be a possible bonus episode, and Episode 3 will become the second episode to better flesh out the story/characters. November 13th, 2012
2 Wreck-It Ralph vs. Angry Birds Blood, gore, video games, and Disney. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving? Donnie and crew take on Wreck-It Ralph and one angry turkey. November 20th, 2012
3 Lost in Translation (Bromance Version) A touching romance...of sorts. Donnie and Karl spoof Lost in Translation all while at an anime convention, while Tacoma tries to unearth more information about Donnie. December 4th, 2012
4 A Blair Witch Hangover Ghosts, mafia, and people missing. Typical Irish hangover. December 24th, 2012
5 Blue Patches All the questions finally answered. Donnie's backstory is revealed, Tacoma and Rebecca find out they made a movie, and the showdown with SWAG reaches its end. January 8th, 2013
6 Transformers (The Lost Episode) The lost episode of Demo Reel from the Best of TGWTG Volume 4. March 3rd, 2015
Special Rachel and Malcolm Auditions Malcolm and Rachel’s Demo Reel audition from the Best of TGWTG Volume 4. March 4th, 2015
Special Blair Witch Hangover Extras Extras, bloopers and behind the scenes for the Demo Reel episode Blair Witch Hangover. March 5th, 2015
Special Blue Patches Extras Extras, bloopers and behind the scenes for the Demo Reel episode Blue Patches. March 5th, 2015
Special Lost in Translation Extras Extras, bloopers and behind the scenes for the Demo Reel episode Lost in Translation. March 8th, 2015
Special Wreck-it Ralph Extras Extras, bloopers and behind the scenes for the Demo Reel episode Wreck-it Ralph. March 8th, 2015
Special Dark Knight Begins Rising Extras Bloopers and extras from the Demo Reel episode Dark Knight Begins Rising. March 22nd, 2015


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