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Deja View is by Ed Glaser of Neon Harbor and is about foreign remakes of popular movies made in the United States. For example, the Matrix was partially remade in India's Bollywood and was the topic of the first video. The rest of the movie was a remake of "The Whole Nine Yards". Essentially, he reviews remakesploitation movies. Regardless of the quality, Glaser says the movies allows us to see America's pop culture in a different way and vis versa with other countries.


  • Bollywood The Matrix?! (May 2nd, 2010)
  • A Bollywood Nightmare on Elm St. (May 3rd, 2010)
  • Turkish Superman (June 17th, 2010)
  • Italian Jaws (June 24th, 2010)
  • Brazilian Planet of the Apes (July 1st, 2010)
  • Bollywood Harry Potter... IN 3-D!! (September 6th, 2010)
  • Korean TRON (December 17th, 2010)
  • Turkish Star Trek (June 23rd, 2011)
  • Nigerian Titanic (June 26th, 2011)
  • Turkish Captain America (July 21st, 2011)
  • Italian Conan (August 18th, 2011)
  • Turkish Straw Dogs (September 15th, 2011)
  • Turkish Batman (July 18th, 2012)
  • The Other Turkish Superman (June 13th, 2013)
  • Italian Star Wars (June 20th, 2013)
  • Italian James Bond (June 27th, 2013)
  • The Psychedelic Version of Godzilla You've Never Seen (July 17th, 2013)
  • King Kong vs. Doctor Who (October 21st, 2013)
  • Japanese Planet of the Apes (October 28th, 2013)
  • Spanish Planet of the Apes (Was a Hoax) (November 19th, 2013)


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