Deadliest Character

Deadliest character

Created by
Produced by
The Spoony One as the narrator
Includes various guest experts
Running Time

Deadliest Character was a show created by The Spoony One, based on the Spike TV series, the Deadliest Warrior. It was originally revealed during a sneak preview on the 2010 Charity Drive.

On December 5th, 2010, The day after the Charity Drive, the shows first episode aired on TGWTG with Megazord Vs MechaGodzilla.


  • MechaGodzilla Vs Megazord (with Linkara and James Rolfe as Dr. Fanboix as the experts on each monster) (December 4th, 2010)

Future Episodes?Edit

Following the first episode of Deadliest Character, a teaser for the next episode was shown, indicating the next fight would be between the Borg (from various Star Trek series) and the Daleks (from Doctor Who). During a commentary track for the first episode, Spoony indicated futher episodes may not happen. This is mainly due to length of time it takes to produce each episode and the simularities to Death Battle, a similarly themed show that premiered on around the same time. Spoony himself stated that he does not hold any ill will against Screwattack, believing they conceived their show on their own and "great minds think alike." Due to Spoony ending his relationship with Channel Awesome, this series will likely never continue.

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