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'''Researcher #1:''' They'll be a ''big'' hit, Mr. Brockman!
'''Researcher #1:''' They'll be a ''big'' hit, Mr. Brockman!
'''Linkara:''' ''(as this researcher)'' [[ROMTROSPECTIVE: ROM Spaceknight 1-40|ROM Spaceknight]] is gonna just ''print'' money!
'''Linkara:''' ''(as this researcher)'' [[ROMTROSPECTIVE: ROM Spaceknight 1-40|ROM Spaceknight]] is just gonna ''print'' money!
'''Linkara (v/o):''' Also, the one thing all toy manufacturers need in their research: a dominatrix [Mistress Brouhaha]. But let's unpack this look, shall we? Pink skin. Okay, it's a superhero universe; I'll grant that. Beehive hairdo that is ''taller than her face''. With how Dart looked on the cover, apparently, her and this woman are apparently gonna get into a hair fight, a la Uzumaki. And let's not even get into how her corset has condensed her stomach to the width of her head. She's also standing wonderfully by kinda sorta leaning over, but not really, since her upper body is straight up, but her ass is pushed out behind her, while her legs are twice the length of her upper body. And really, what the hell was the deal with her pants-dress-skirt-thing? It's forming around her, but then just stops being a dress when it reaches her knees, then splits off completely into useless pants, since they expose her calves and then turn into high heels. Good Lord! It's like she's a rubber bendy doll that's been stretched beyond recognition! What is this?! What the hell ''is'' this?!
''(Cut to another clip of the ''MST3K'' gang watching another movie, this time ''The Undead'')''
'''Mike:''' ''(seeing someone in knight attire)'' There. Sure glad I don't look stupid.
''(Back to the comic again)''
''(Back to the comic again)''
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