Dant Rambeaux


Real Name
Dant Rambo
Lead Retro Editor at Blistered Thumbs.

Dant originally wrote for KokuGamer, and was one of the writers who switched over from there to Blistered Thumbs. For Dant, it was a long journey consisting of many sleepless nights, but he finally made it to the soothing shores of Blistered Thumbs. He is currently the lead retro editor as well as an editorial and review writer for the site. He has a lot of really cool things planned for the retro area, so please keep checking it out!

Other info

He has been writing about video games since 2006, and he wants to do it for a living. He think gaming journalism should be fun and informative for the reader and writer alike (but mostly the reader). Also, Birdo should have an entire game dedicated to him/her. (Go figure.) He doesn't have very many divisive beliefs, but he does think that Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is the best Mario game ever.


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