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Sir Daffington Quackingshire Figglesworth Duck III Esq. DDS Attorney at Law. (Richard Rodriguez)
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Daffy is a blogger in the blogosphere.

Blogging History

Daffy found That Guy with the Glasses after being told about 5 Second Movies. After watching all the movies, which he liked a lot, the person who told Daffy about 5 Second Movies told him about the Nostalgia Critic. Eager to learn more about this, he typed in ‘Nostalgia Critic’ on YouTube. The first thing to pop up was Nostalgia Critic’s review of Pokémon: The First Movie. He decided he liked this character, and he went on to view all the Critic’s work. When That Guy made the transition from YouTube to his own site, Daffy followed faithfully.

Daffy first started officially writing blogs for the site after viewing M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Happening.’ Furious at how terrible he thought the movie was, he sought to warn people not to waste their money on it. After, he was further outraged while, in an attempt to thwart boredom, he viewed the Nicktoon ‘The Mighty Bee.’ Again wishing to warn people not to waste their time with it, he made a blog called ‘Oh Nickelodeon! A Memorial Service’ in which he ranted on how he hates what Nickelodeon has become and how he wishes it would return to its more classical programming. In this blog, he announced that he would be reviewing old shows from Nickelodeon he felt were classics. Since then, he has been a frequent blogger on

Daffy Reviews

Daffy Reviews is a series made by Daffy in which he reviews various aspects of the entertainment industry. Most notably, he reviews movies from the 80s and 90s and kid’s shows from the 90s. In movies, so far he has reviewed the following: The Happening, Hancock, Wall-E, Stephen King’s It, All Dogs go to Heaven, The Pagemaster, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Casper, Teen Wolf, Beetlejuice, Poltergeist, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elms Street. In television shows, he has reviewed the following: Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Doug, Tiny Toon Adventures, Scooby Doo, and Darkwing Duck.

Since February 2010, Daffy has transitioned from written reviews to videos. He now collaborates with SpikesGirl1 to produce bi-weekly reviews on many things such as TV shows, books, movies and video games.

Daffy’s Top 11

After watching the Nostalgia Critic’s various Top 11 episodes, Daffy became inspired and decided to start a series similar to them. He started with ‘Daffy’s Top 11 Non-Disney Kid’s Movie Villains.’ After its success, he continued with the following: Top 11 Comic Relief Characters in Kid’s Movies, Top 11 Moments You Never Saw Coming, Top 11 90s Kid’s Show Villains, Top 11 Coolest Cartoon Dogs, and Top 11 Damsels in Distress. The series ended with the Damsels in Distress. Then, because Daffy lost his temper with some of his viewers in an incident he will forever know as the ‘Damsels Incident,’ he decided to stop with Daffy’s Top 11. He instead started the series ‘Daffy Gives Tribute.’

Daffy Gives Tribute

After the ‘Damsels Incident,’ Daffy decided that, instead of listing what he thought were the best of the best, he would just write small tributes to a few things in a category. The first episode was ‘Daffy Gives Tribute to Super Heroes and Their Catch Phrases.’ He then went on to write tributes to the following: Serial Killer Weapons, Horror Movie Make-up, and Psychotic Movie Killers.

You know what’s HORSE SHIT?

‘You know what’s HORSE SHIT?’ is a series Daffy made that was inspired by James Rolfe’s ‘You know what’s bull shit?!’ series. In fact, many would say it’s basically a carbon copy of the more famous series. It is basically a rant of whatever is on Daffy’s mind that day. So far, the episodes include rants about braces, hair, and homework.

Other Works

Along with ‘Daffy Reviews’ and ‘Daffy Gives Tribute,’ Daffy does other articles when special things happen or when something gives him an idea. He has done the following: a Character Review of Bruce Willis, a review of Universal Studios Orlando, and a 9/11 Tribute. He also participated in the TGWTG Users in 5 Seconds Video.


Daffy hopes to be a journalist some day. He also would like to become a teen’s fiction writer. He will continue to write for TGWTG blog as long as he is able.