Cowboy Bebop (4/4/09)

Cow-boy-cow-boy-cow-boy-cow-boy bebop!
I'm ready for some Sci-Fi action with a fucking Corgi!
Uhh... who are you? Uh... I was talking. Wha- ok. (Referring to the existing voice in the song's beginning)
Cowboy Bebop's a show that I like!
It stars a bounty hunter named Spike!
And this really hot chick named Faye!
A guy named Jet who may or may not be gay!
Maybe it-
just be me-
He seems a-
Cowboy Bebop's a real kick-ass show!
This girl named Ed
is so crazy, not lazy but weird.
She seems kind of umm well...
How do I say it? Maybe just a tiny bit special?
Cowboy Bebop can kick your fuckin' ass!
Sci-Fi violence that actually has class!
(Bang-bang-pow-pow! I'm-shouting-bow-wow!)
Now here's a little scatting for you!
(*scat singing*)
That kinda sucked, but hey, what can you do?
(I'm not good at jazz.)
Jet is-
a gun!
Faye is-
Spike is-
now on-
the run!
just Ed.
Cowboy Bebop is now on the air!
Don't ask me to do any more animes,
what can I say?
This is the only one I watched!
(*scratchy* I need a cough drop.)

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