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Corporate Commander negotiating, or ranting, on his phone.

Corporate Commander is villain and main antagonist of revamped AngryJoeShow. As the name suggests, he represents some of the worst aspects of game developers & publishers, particularly their greed, envy, pride and laziness, and his mannerisms and voice are the same Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe.

His Arch-Nemesis is Angry Joe also known as Joe Vargas. He is character created and also portrayed by Joe Vargas.

Track Record

  • Law Violations - Convicted from violating Gambling regulations and Consumer protection laws. Namely refusing refunds to customers despite being within the rights.
  • Lying - Repeatedly rebranding Lootboxes as ,,Suprise Mechanics,,.
  • Money Laundering - Purposely downgrading games to be featureless so customers has to spent additional money on content that should be part of the game.


Aside from the Cobra Commander-esque mask, Corporate Commander also wears a grey suit, red tie, white gloves, and a black cape with red lining connected to his suit with dollar signs.