This page chronicles the date in which people were picked up at Channel Awesome and their content. Many of the people listed were picked up from either the Best of Blogs or Awesome Blogs of the Week. More information can be found in the Timeline.


Number Name Date picked up Affiliation Contributions
1 Mike Michaud April 3rd, 2008 Channel Awesome CEO
2 The Other Guy April 3rd, 2008

Team TGWTG. Article Writers.

Creative Content Officer for Channel Awesome.

3 ThatGuyWithTheGlasses April 3rd, 2008
  • Team TGWTG
  • Founder


Number Name Date picked up Affiliation Contributions
4 Guru Larry May 22nd, 2009 Blistered Thumbs


Number Name Date picked up Affiliation Contributions
5 Brad Jones January 7th, 2010 Team TGWTG


These are the current people affiliated with the main Channel Awesome team in Chicago.

Number Name Affiliation Contributions
1 Malcolm Ray Channel Awesome
2 Tamara Chambers Channel Awesome
3 Walter Banasiak Channel Awesome
4 Heather Reusz Channel Awesome
5 Aiyanna Wade Channel Awesome
6 Bryan Porter Channel Awesome
7 Fard Muhammad Channel Awesome
8 Orlando Belisle Jr. Channel Awesome
9 Jim Jarosz Channel Awesome
10 Joanna Kay Channel Awesome
11 Trevor Mueller Channel Awesome
12 Jason Laws Channel Awesome
13 Jori Laws Channel Awesome
14 Dayna Munday Channel Awesome
15 Rob Scallon Channel Awesome


Here is a list of people who started on TGWTG from the blogs or "Your Video Reviews" section on the forums. These are in chronological order:

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Suede Lee Brad Jones Roo Lotus Prince Andrew Dickman The Omega Geek
Film Brain Angry Joe JesuOtaku Apollo Z. Hack Rantasmo
Benzaie Paw Skitch Psychotaku Dan Olson
Matt Briner Y Ruler of Time Sad Panda Smarty Some Jerk With a Camera
Storage and Disposal JewWario Transylvania Television Oancitizen
HopeWithinChaos Dena ToddInTheShadows Diamanda Hagan
Bennett The Sage SG Eric Power Blockbuster Buster
Coldguy MikeJ Obscurus Lupa ChaosD1
Rollo T Fool Fantastic Vangelus
ThatChickWithTheGoggles LordKaT Nash
Dr. Gonzo CR! Rap Critic
Phelous The Immature Connoisseur PushingUpRoses
Linkara Welshy
TheCat Heisanevilgenius

Former Contributors

For a list of former contributors, please see: Former Contributors