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Cinemadonna is where ToddInTheShadows takes a look at the film career of Madonna, one film at a time. The shadows conceal who he is as he could be just about anyone from a government spy to a humble church official.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode Number Episode Title Description Date Released
1 Desperately Seeking Susan That's right, everyone, we're gonna sit down and watch all of Madonna's movies, starting with her desperately overrated debut Desperately Seeking Susan. July 29th, 2014
2 Shanghai Surprise The legend of Madonna, Queen of the Razzies, begins with her first leading role in "Shanghai Surprise," a bomb that stank like week-old chow mein. August 6th, 2014
3 A Certain Sacrifice Behold, the movie so bad that even Madonna tried to keep it from being released. August 24th, 2014
4 Who's That Girl Who's that girl? A RAVING PSYCHOPATH, that's who. August 31st, 2014
5 Bloodhounds of Broadway Yet another contender for worst Madonna movie yet. October 9th, 2014
6 Dick Tracy Sooner or later, she always gets her man, even if she doesn't get a good movie to be in. November 23rd, 2014
7 Truth or Dare There's a lot of daring but not a lot of truth in Madonna's blockbuster concert film. December 24th, 2014
8 A League of Their Own There's no crying in baseball! There is Madonna. Not much though. March 18th, 2015
9 Body of Evidence Madonna tried for "Basic Instinct", and wound up with just basic stink. June 17th, 2015
10 Dangerous Game The game gets really dangerous when Madonna tries to make a pretentious art movie! August 16th, 2015
11 Evita Don't cry for your failed Oscar bid, Madonna. September 14th, 2015
12 The Next Best Thing If this is the next best thing, I'd sure hate to see the worst thing. October 28th, 2015
13 Swept Away The film that finally swept away Madonna's acting career. November 26th, 2015
14 Die Another Day (And Other Cameos) Cameos: It's like acting but not! February 28th, 2016
15 Filth and Wisdom Here's some wisdom for ya: Madonna shouldn't direct movies. April 14th, 2016
16 W.E. Wallis Simpson: The woman so wonderful a king gave up his kingdom. "W.E.": The movie so bad it ended Madonna's film career. May 20th, 2016
17 I'm Going to Tell You a Secret The final Cinemadonna takes a look at Madonna's worst-ever album! September 19th, 2016

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