Chuckles the Jester is a character that The Spoony One created parodying the character of the same name in Ultima VI. He also seems to parody the more pesky and trollish of Spoony's fans, not unlike the character of Douchey McNitpick.

His appearance is, of course, like that of a jester. A white face with a red and black mask, white gloves, and a multicolored harlequin costume. He can often be seen with certain novelty toys, such as a bike horn or a rubber chicken.

Chuckles the Jester first appeared in Spoony's review of Ultima VI, in which he claimed that his show wasn't nearly entertaining enough, and tried to make it "funnier" by hitting him with a rubber chicken. Spoony eventually got rid of him using Burton. Afterwards, he was found by The Gatecleaner, who gave him a yellow lantern ring, and recruiting him to be a part of some sort of "vengeance" that he was planning. He hasn't shown up in anything since.

On April 20th 2012 it was announced that Chuckles the Jester had died on twitter. According to Spoony, his dog Oreo ate the costume and thus the character had died. It is unlikely that Chuckles will appear again in anything to come. Spoony also punctuated this event with "Ah well. I hated that fucking jester. Glad he is dead #YES #YES #YES!!"

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