Chez Apocalypse is an indepedent website operated by Team Nostalgia Chick (Lindsay Ellis, Elisa Hansen, and Antonella Inserra), which features shows from both and non-TGWTG shows. The primary purpose of the website is to showcase shows that take a more analytical approach to reviewing rather than just straightup comedy/entertainment.

Contributors[edit | edit source]

-Lindsay Ellis (The Nostalgia Chick, 50 Shades of Green)

-Maven of the Eventide (Vampire Reviews)

-Nella (Various blogs, 50 Shades of Green)

-ToddInTheShadows (Pop Song Reviews)

-Oancitizen (Brows Held High)

-PawDugan (Music Movies)

-Phil Buni (The Bunny Perspective) (Former Contributor)

-Foldable Human (Folding Ideas)

-Rantasmo (Needs More Gay)

-Sursum Ursa (Stuff You Like)

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