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Cheap Damage by CR is a show where he takes a look at the various tabletop card games or other tabletop games. He provides analysis, tips and a little bit of history behind each of the games he covers.


  • Pokemon Battling Coin Game (April 14th, 2011)
  • Topps Attax (May 10th, 2011)
  • Club Penguin Card Jitsu (July 26th, 2011)
  • Marvel Ultimate Battles (September 3rd, 2011)
  • BreaKeys (September 6th, 2011)
  • Moshi Monster (November 15th, 2011)
  • Ben 10 Alien Force Card Game (January 22nd, 2012)
  • Lego Ninjago (February 9th, 2012)
  • Doctor Who Trading Card Game (February 28th, 2012)
  • Battle of the Bands (March 6th, 2012)
  • Austin Powers the Card Game (March 15th, 2012)
  • Gormiti (May 29th, 2012)
  • Help the Hero (July 19th, 2012)
  • Pirates of Ocean's Edge (September 19th, 2012)
  • Ghostbusters RPG (November 4th, 2012)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Board Game (February 26th, 2013)
  • Simpsons Trading Card Game (June 4th, 2013)
  • Dinosaur King (September 28th, 2013)
  • 11 Most Useful Commons in Hearthstone (July 2nd, 2015)
  • Nightmare Before Christmas TCG (January 29th, 2016)
  • Pokemon Go (July 31st, 2016)
  • Pokemon Go Expansion Pack (September 27th, 2016)

Booster Shot

This is a new segment where CR riffs on cards.

  • Dollar Store Magic Cards (June 25th, 2013)


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