Characters have been part of the Channel Awesome experience since the beginning of the website. Contributors have created characters to interact with the main hero of the review show. In some cases they spin off and create a show of their own as in the case of Bum Reviews. The characters have quirks, serve as comedic foil or even take part in a well crafted storyline.

List of Characters

Contributor Characters

Nostalgia Critic
Chester A. Bum
Douchy McNitpick
Dr. Smith
Black Dog Bill
General Zod

The Other Guy Santa Christ
Dinosaur Rob
Spoony Dr. Insano
Spencer D. Bum
Burton the Robot
Black Lantern Spoony
Chuckles the Jester
The Gatekeeper
The Ultimate Warrior
Linkara '90s Kid
Ninja-Style Dancer
Harvey Finevoice
Pollo the Robot
Lord Vyce
Dr. Linksano
Ensign Munro
Lester B. Bum
Iron Liz Judas Liz
Benzaie Master Bate
JewWario Yanki J
Lordhebe Professor Celluloid
Phelous Phelous D1
AngryJoe Corporate Commander
MarzGurl Juno
Luke Mochrie Ralph
Nella Dark Nella
Paw Dark Paw
Light Paw
Brad Jones Kung Tai Ted

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