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January 1st, 2019 - Goodbye and Thank You

After over 10 years, I'm leaving this wiki behind today. Back in October 2008, I had the idea to create a fan-made wiki for the then ThatGuyWithTheGlasses because I had seen people wishing there was a Wikipedia page (there wasn't at that point). With a few friends I met through the site, one who is now my husband, we made that happen. Over the years, I've seen people come and go both on here and Channel Awesome, dealt with trolls during the site's heyday, and even interacted online with some of the site's contributors.

I've already said my reasons for leaving the wiki behind (mainly lack of passion), so I want to instead thank each and every person who has ever helped out on this wiki and still continue to help to this day. It wouldn't be where it is without your support and edits and I'm proud of how much it's grown. To those that still choose to help going into this year, thank you. I appreciate it.

All I can say is please take care of each other and don't for one second tolerate anyone's jerk-ish behavior. Other than that, I hope you all have a great 2019 and take care! :)

~Spike's Girl

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