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February 25th, 2009

The Channel Awesome Twitter page was formally operated by Punky of the Channel Awesome Wikia team and is now run by Dodger of Zion. Some still believe it's Doug. However, that was proven to be false. The identity of the operator of the page used to be a riddle wrapped in an enigma until it was finally revealed. She of course has permission from Channel Awesome CEO Mike Michaud to update followers on news and events concerning Channel Awesome and site updates.

In the beginning, Punky chose 5 Second Movies of the day and posted links to videos. From there, Punky started amassing followers from all over Twitter and eventually began reporting TGWTG news about videos. The creator also interacts with the fanbase by chatting with them and answering questions. When Punky decided to quit running the Twitter in late 2013, Dodger of Zion took up the reins and has continued posting TGWTG's video updates.

The TGWTG twitter eventually changed to @ChannelAwesome after the name became available in early 2014. It is still used to provide followers with information and updates.