Cartoon-E is a cartoon version of The Blockbuster Buster (ERod). His job is to show us what it feels like for ERod to watch some of the movies he reviews. He first appeared at the end of ERod's second ever review, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He also plays the Creature Feature game with ERod and the other characters when ERod reviews a horror movie.

Cartoon-E is a simple and uncoloured 2D picture of ERod. He meets directors who do horrible things to beloved icons such as Buggs Bunny, and when he tells the movie director how he feels, he ends up getting kicked between the legs.

So far, Cartoon-E's only role outside of being beaten up by movie directors was during ERod's Doctor Nemesis story arc. He came in to find ERod, Fedora Freddy and Nerdlinger all fighting Doctor Nemsis and his clones with swords and shouted,

“Oh my god, all my friends are having a battle! Take that, you jerk!” He pulled out a cartoon gun and shot the original Doctor Nemesis. However, his cartoon bullet only distracted Doctor Nemesis for a second by hurting his neck slightly. Doctor Nemesis then threw a cartoon bomb at Cartoon-E, but at the end of the video, Cartoon-E was alright, apart from the loss of a couple of teeth and was able to celebrate their victory.

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