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Carrotjuice was a character who appeared in The Nostalgia Critic Disney's Alice in Wonderland review played by Malcolm Ray. He was a parody of the White Rabbit from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Beetlejuice.

Disney's Alice in Wonderland[]

Carrotjuice appeared in the Critic's Alice in Wonderland review as a main character in the episode's story. When the Critic is in the middle of spring cleaning (to his annoyance always comes after winter), he comes across a hard drive labelled 'Old Home Movies which he thought he destroyed. He looks for his "evidence destroying hammer" until Carrotjuice appears, startling the Critic and prompting him to scream four times. Carrotjuice introduces himself and tells the Critic not to be upset as it was the greatest day ever. He proposes to give each other gifts and yanks the hard drive away from the Critic, running away. Critic gives chase and eventually gets sucked into some sort of hole and enters what appears another reality. There he meets Malice, who seems to know that he is looking for a black rabbit carrying a hard drive but incorrectly assumes that the Critic escaped from the American McGee institute hoping to bring the rabbit back. After Carrotjuice runs away again, the Critic reviews the film while he and Malice looks for him. He later gives the hard drive back to Malice while the Critic is confronting Tim Burton (ripping off the Wizard of Oz) which contains a video of the Critic's "Burton Corner" which has pictures of Tim Burton characters and the Critic's Batman cowl. Carrotjuice later explains that he was so happy because it was the first Tim Burton project to have a black man in a main role. Critic recalls black cast members in Burton films but Carrotjuice corrects him that they were not main characters.

An alternate version of Carrotjuice appears in the Alice Through the Looking Glass review who is depressed for certain inexplainable reasons. An alternate version of Malice (one more happy and excitable) makes the Critic come to help cheer him up after interrupting his viewing of the animated Alice in Wonderland. He isn't shown throughout most of the review due to being cheered up by the alternate Malice. In doing this, they turn the alternate land to literal shit. The entire episode is then revealed to be a dream by the animated Alice.

Carrotjuice's final appearance is in the Hop where he reveals he is the Easter Bunny (and has been so all along) and tricks the Critic into becoming a fellow Easter Bunny, even showing him to his Easter candy factory which amazes the Critic. Unfortunately, his joy turns to disapointment when he learns his role as an Easter Bunny just involves playing on the drums and constantly listening to what he should not do; as well as to "keep smiling". The Critic tires of this over the course of the review and ultimately wishes he could lend the job to a "candy man" near the end. Hearing his call, Black Willy Wonka appears and offers his services which the grateful reviewer agrees to. After giving him the layout of the instructions, the Critic gives Wonka the Easter basket and leads him to Carrotjuice's sweet factory via the secret magic door. Promising not to disappoint the Critic, Wonka takes his leave as the Critic expresses high faith in him. When the Critic checks in on him later, he hears the sound of thunder and lightning behind the magical door, opening it up to behold Wonka floating amongst the now completely wrecked factory with a victorious smile; declaring that the "prophecy" of "eternal misery" has been carried out. While the stunned Critic takes in the destruction, he asks where Carrotjuice is and Wonka reveals that in addition to destroying his factory he "caramelized" him. Indicating to the black rabbit nearby frozen in a screaming position, covered in caramel. Though the Critic appears shocked at first, he is then pleased by the sight/outcome, telling the entombed Carrotjuice to "Keep smiling".