Can Hype Kill a Good Film?


February 24, 2015
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(The shortened opening)

NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. Are you sick of Frozen yet?

(A clip from Frozen is shown)

NC (vo): Well, there's a lot of people, mostly kids, who clearly aren't.

(Cut to a montage of images of Frozen merchandise)

NC (vo): Around every corner you see another product of merchandise, another screen showing it, another playing of the soundtrack, it's all over the place. If you play "Let it Go" in a room full of kids, chances are every single one of them would start singing along.

NC: Not surprisingly, this is driving many of us INSANE! In fact...

(Cut to the NC's "Let It Go" music video)

NC (vo): ...a musical version, talking about how it's all over the place. That's almost a year old now, and it's still hasn't gone away!

NC: This has resulted in what usually follow something that's insanely popular: the backlash.

(More footage of Frozen is shown)

NC (vo): Suddenly, a lot of people are coming out saying the film is overpraised, too hyped up, and not even very good. The film has gone from one of the most beloved hits of the past decade to one of the most annoying by several viewers.

NC: While clearly so overexposed, we want to bash our brains in with a decapitated ice sculpture of...

(Cut to an image of an ice sculpture of a character from the movie...)

NC (vo): ...Olaf...

NC: the film itself really deserving of such hate?

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