Channel Awesome

(We begin with the futon, empty, no Linkara in sight. Seconds later, Linkara comes in out of nowhere, cheering with glee and wearing a Hawaiian shirt and holding a plastic bottle and a Bulbasaur plushie)

Linkara: Oh man, guys, I am back from my vacation! Aw guys, you'd not believe how many ways there are to get drunk, when you- (He pauses to notice what seems to be a ring in his left hand finger) Did I get married? Huh, I'll roll with it. Anyway, hello and Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. And behold our final episode of Secret Origins Not-a-Month.

(Old classic pre-2013 bumper plays with Justice League theme music)

Linkara: Yeah, using the old one because it's the Justice League music, and I haven't updated the visuals either. Because I'm lazy.

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