(We start back at the three of them watching the footage)

Tacoma: You're not gonna believe this.

Rebecca: What is it?

Tacoma: Recognized this? (shows the binder to Rebecca, there's a picture of a kid [The young Doug, I think] with glasses wearing a paper crown.)

Rebecca: Oh yeah, that was that God-awful child actor um... Jimmy Boyd. He did that Christmas movie with Arnold. Um... *snap*

Tacoma: Jingle Sells!

Quinn: Yeah, and that space opera. what was it he always used to say?

Tacoma: Wopee! (lift the picture)

Rebecca: Yeah, that was awful.

Tacoma: Man, that was such a bad movie...but no! Do you know Who This Is?

Rebecca: No. Should I?

(Tacoma takes a maker and start drawing on the picture. Rebecca peeks but he moves away. When he's done, he shows it to them then to the camera. Rebecca looks surprised at it.)

Rebecca: Oh my god!

(The kid now has a hat, a beard, and a text bubble that says "ACTION!"...It's Donnie)

(Demo Reel opening)

(cut to Donnie sleeping and being surprised and awaken by the camera. Jingle Bells is playing in the background)

Donnie: Well? (camera turns to...)

Man (played by Jason Laws): Glad to see you're up. I thought you never come to.

Donnie: I can barely moved.

Woman (played by Jori Laws): Yeah, Adam must have hit you a little too hard. Must have knock you behind your back.

Adam: Don't worry about it. Just keep taking these pills and feeling will come back.

(Donnie takes them)

Donnie: Who are you?

Adam: I'm Adam and it's my wife, Jill.

Jill: Hello!

(The camera suddenly turns to the holder)

Girl (played by Briana Laws) : And I'm Liz!

Donnie: (terrified) That's the ghost girl!

(Transcript in Progress)

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