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November 6th, 2010
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Date closed
January 16th, 2014

Blistered Thumbs is a subdivision of Channel Awesome where video games is the main topic of discussion. Video games from every console and year are discussed among the contributors. Since the start of, the section grew into its own subsection on the site. On June 5th, 2009, it was announced that the Blistered Thumbs group was going to branch from the main site. Listed below are the contributors of Blistered Thumbs and their shows.

On October 15th, 2010, a special announcement was made about the release of Blistered Thumbs as its own website! On October 29th, a second special announcement was made, declaring that the new site would debut on November 5th and inviting fans of Channel Awesome to apply to fill several positions on the website's staff.

By November 5th, 2010, Blistered Thumbs launched with incredible fanfare!

On January 16th, 2014, Blistered Thumbs was shut down indefinitely.

Unlike Team that Guy with the Glasses, Blistered Thumbs member's YouTube accounts had at least a million and over 500,000 subscribers yet most of the other team had at least 100,000 subscribers. Because of this, most people usually watched Blistered Thumbs thanks to Jontron, James Rolfe (The Nerd) and AngryJoe.

Shows Blistered Thumbs Produces and Contributors

Contributor Shows
Lee Davidge
Bennett The Sage
The Game Heroes
Little Miss Gamer
Guru Larry and Wez
ReviewTechUSA ReviewTechUSA
Mike Dodd Review A Day
Zeitgeist Game Review Zeitgeist Game Review
Heisanevilgenius Weird Video Games
Rinry RinryGameGame
Quatoria Minor Distractions
Roo 16-Bit Gems
Substance TV Substance TV
Kenny F GameJams
Psychotaku The Psychotaku Show
GameScan TV GameScan TV
Leon Thomas Heart of Gaming


JonTron Show

Game Grumps (originally)

PeanutButterGamer PeanutButterGamer (show)
BT Community Podcast
Taylor H. Shinkara
ChaosD1 MMO Grinder
Lotus Prince Lotus Prince Let's Plays
Platform32 Platform32 (show)
Shaun K.
Kevin Retroactive
Andrew Dickman E-Heroes
Petros My Life as a Video Game
Shane Luis Rerez
The Director
Ryan Molina
Josh Christopher
Heather May
Frank Codalata
The Bargain Boy
Bruiser Leftover Culture
ThirdPartyController Third Party Controller


Contributor Position
Yousif Alshaker Xbox/PS3 Reviews Editor
Micah Curtis Xbox/PS3 Reviews Editor
Skitch Xbox/PS3 Reviews Editor
JewWario Lead Wii Editor
Rollo T Lead DS Editor
Dant Rambeaux Lead Retro Editor
Crystal R Lead Mobiles Editor
Amanda K Reviews Editor
Coldguy Reviews Editor
Eli C News & Culture Contributor, Editor
Joey Castro News & Culture Contributor, Editor
Dr. Gonzo News & Culture Contributor, Editor
Quatoria Lead Mobiles Editor


  • Win A System Bundle Contest (November 18th, 2010)
  • PS3 Bundle Contest (December 1st, 2010)

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