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Real Name
Bennett White

Bennett the Sage (aka Sage) is a former video contributor and reviewer on TGWTG. He began mainly reviewing video games, like "the kind you would see on GameTrailers or IGN or what have you," but he has written a few articles as well. By 2014, he has openly left gaming reviews to focus more on Anime Abandon.

Beginning on TGWTG

Bennett started doing reviews in March 2008 and began releasing them on under the pseudonym Strayer. After visiting sites like the short-lived and also, he stumbled upon TGWTG. He says how he actually got on the site is a convoluted story:

"After That Dude In the Suede released his first AMV Heaven, I made a comment under the video where I said that he shouldn't have posted that AMV at the end of his video since he's getting payed for views. Mike Michaud, the admin of the site, contacted me after that comment and said that he liked my Chrono Cross retrospective that I posted onto the ThatGuy's blog list some time ago, and that he would not have seen it had I not posted that same comment under Suede's video. From there, he asked me if I would like to participate in the Best of Blogs (B.O.B.) contest about a few months back. I said yes and I got the majority of the votes and landed this gig here on"

Sage has also made a few appearances in other videos. Most notably the farewell to Suede and the Christmas 2008 special.

Sage Reviews

In his first series, Sage takes a look at some of the biggest games of this century and creates lists of some of the greatest "greats" in video game history. For a list of episodes, go see Sage Reviews.

In November 2013, he openly decided to stop reviewing games to focus on other projects and series like Anime Abandon

Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre

Sage debuted his next series in February 2009, during the donation drive where he reviews a user's fanfiction about The Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd in a show he called "Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre". In this series, he reviews the best of the worst in the world of fanfiction. He stopped this series in early 2011, when asked if he would ever continue on his formspring ( )he stated,

I pretty much explained in the last MFT that I was through with the series. I just didn't feel like making them anymore.

Comic Conventions

Sage's latest series started in August 2009, and is all about the world of sequential art. In Comic Conventions he attempts to showcase a particular comic, or a series of moments in comics, while explaining how the subject at hand is related to the industry as a whole.

Donation Drive

On December 5th, 2009, Sage took part in the second donation drive for the Ronald McDonald House charity!


As part of the December 5th donation drive, Bennett released a special video. This video was a review of the movie, Dolemite.

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