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Beauty and the Beast G2 Part 2

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September 11th, 2014
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Phelous: Boy. I sure do wonder how that Senior Mustache is doing.

Beast: You have to steal my flowers too? This crime will not go unpunished! You shall die for it!

Beast: You shall live!

Beast: Then you will spend the rest of your life in my dungeon!

Beast: Take him away!

Beauty: Father, you're back!

Beauty: Do you remember the way?

Beauty: I'll have to try talking to him again.

Beast: Could you ever marry me?

Beauty: It's so strange.

Beast: What is?

Beast: While the master of the house is a beast?

Beast: You will go now!

Beauty: But I-

Beast: You will go!

Phelous: They're 3 of his victims? He deserves better why?

Beauty: Stop! He means to hurt no one!

Beauty: No! I love him!

Beast: You love me?

Phelous: Ya know what? Don't hide in this book! I don't recommend it!