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June 29, 2016
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Phelous: (sarcastically) Apparently, I haven't talked yet enough about stupid Beauty and the Beast, (picks yet another knockoff of the story on VHS) so let's take a look at the romance novel version! (looks toward video) Wait, whaaaat?

Phelous: I've given up, haven't I?

Phelous: Glad that disappointment's out of the way!

Old Man: They don't deserve it! Get them nothing!

Old Man: Too far, bro!

Beast: I do mind!

Phelous: What an unexpected turn of events!

Phelous: The flower made her pretty?

Old Man: Who cares?!

Phelous: Was it really worth all this?

Maria: I hate them!

Beast: Why don't you eat something?

Phelous: What a beast.

Phelous: Run, you fool!

Beast: Say hello to Maria!

Maria: If only I knew a magic spell!