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Beauty and the Beast (Bevanfield)

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March 17, 2017
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Phelous: I can't believe the UK voice cast was in a bunch of UK things!

Phelous: Most rodents are cute. Screw you, movie.

Phelous: You disgust me! Get back to doing more reasonable things like robbing your family!

Phelous: Incest marriage?! Done!

Phelous: Why did I come back?

Phelous: And I thought Dingo laughing was bad!

Phelous: A bad guy was secretly a bad guy?! There's a twist for ya!

Phelous: Almost as catchy.

Phelous: Oh, no! He's gonna make him garden! What a beast.

Phelous: I'd put the twins from The Shining over these two, but they're scary enough on their own.

Phelous: That made almost too much sense.

Phelous: That guy can never have his neck broken enough times.